LIAB Epilogue 24:1

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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Night

Inside of Tramennis' field tent, he's woken up from his sleep. He's sitting up in his four post bed, dressed in a night shirt and cap with a little poof at the end. He looks up in confusion at a Thinkamancy projection of an Archon hovering overhead. She's twirling like a ballerina.


There was the one about the battle, with the news of Slately's fall and Lord Hamster's escape. And there was the one about the prisoner, settling how to handle her and hand her over.

Late into the evening came Charlie's third call, and Tramennis figured he'd better take this one as well. The alternative was keeping the crown on to block out Thinkamancy. But it would be impossible to sleep that way.

He sat up in bed and swung his feet to the rug. "This is the King of Jetstone," he said aloud, accepting the mental invitation into Thinkspace. The Royal tent, which was lit only by a single dim power-ball anyway, went black.

"Please hold for Charlie," said the image of the Archon in glowing blue.

She twirled daintily, and vanished. Tramennis couldn't help admiring her grace. He stood there in a beam of bright light, peering out into the black emptiness.