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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Night

Inside the City of Faq's queen's quarters Vinny is holding a wine label with one eyebrow arched. He's wearing red boxers with Doombats on it and a white tank-top. His sleeping box[1] is standing open at the foot of the bed, with two red slippers in front of it. Vinny's Message hat is on a desk, with a candelabra on the upper part illuminating the room.


Two messages came in that night. The first was from the Queen, saying she was heading home. Five turns, she thought.

Nothing else. No brags. No casualty reports. No questions or orders to relay...

Given that there was to have been a major battle today, perhaps for the fate of the world, Vinny found this slightly suspicious. He called Bunny, and got the real story. His jaw hit the floor. Slately gone, Spacerock fell to Gobwin Knob, and the Queen split the battle? And...

"You sure she's got Prince Ansom with here?"

"Vinny...that's prob'ly the only reason she went out there in the first place. Don'tcha think?" Bunny's voice in his head was sweet, but blunt. It was like taking a club to the skull, from the inside.

The other message came in long after midnight. Bleary-eyed, Vinny floated out of his sleeping box[2] and conjured the scrap of paper.

It was written on the back of a wine label. An order. Caesar's handwriting, but messy.

deliver to me not Don w/in 2 turns:
inv of all assets in Faq
plan to conquer side


  1. ^  Vinny's "Sleeping Box" is identical to a Stupidworld coffin. Since Erfworld has no traditions regarding death and burial, and Transylvito vampires follow the convention of sleeping in coffins, it seems they associate it exclusively with sleeping rather than death, croaking, or [[uncroaking.