LIAB Epilogue 21:1/Text

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"Liason to Faq" was his title, and it had sounded good at first. After his stint with the Coalition, it was starting to look like Vinny was becoming Transylvito's ambassador warlord.

But day-to-day it pretty much meant he was just a guard dog for Don King's investment here. About every turn, someone or something would pop in Otoh or Kibo, and he'd fly out and assign them their duties. That was it. Other than bedding down with the Queen (when she was around-she'd been gone for a dozen turns now), there wasn't a lot of fun to be had, or many perks to this job. did come with a cool hat.

Bunny handled most of their communications, but the black leather cap was necessary for receiving items, especially the occasional gem. Vinny didn't usually like anything in his hair, but this thing fit him just perfect. Black bill, black leather braid, red Transylvito crest on the front. Yeah.

If and when he ever left this gig, he guessed he would miss Jillian first, the hat a close second, and...not much else.

He'd worn it to fetch the fresh-popped Megalo from Kibo, then flown back to the capital at sunset. The three Skanks met him at the tower top and fawned over him. Like they did. And as usual, he shrugged them off. For whatever reason, they had become the most boring part of this whole assignment.

As he slunk back to his quarters, alone, the hat rumbled.