LIAB Epilogue 18:2

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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Night

Interior of Don King's Office in the Palace of Transylvito. Don is sitting at his desk; his hands are balled fists and he's raised both arms to the ceiling in grief. Bunny Velvetino's back is visible as she watches him yell.


Don cursed Stanley's name, and spat at his claim
To be "holy" by right of his 'hammer.
But it's hard when you know forty-one turns ago
You lost Bea in a similar manner.

And losing was all Transylvito had done.
Gobwin Knob was advancing unchecked.
Don had lost a few cities, four-fiths of his Shmuckers,
And most of his warlords' respect.

He had gambled on somebody nobody liked
When he made that barbarian Queen.
But when push came to shove, she defected for love,
And igNobly abandoned the scene.