LIAB Epilogue 16

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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Night

Panel 1

Inside Parson's quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers, Maggie is sitting on the desk chair while Parson sits on his bed. A dagger and tiny bits of paper are on the desk and floor.[edit]

"This is scary, Maggie." With the parchment face down, Parson was using a little dagger to cut the page into progressively smaller and smaller pieces. A complete list of their own strategic vulnerabilities? Cripes.

"I apologize, Lord," said Maggie. "It should have occurred to me."

"Yeah, we just gotta be more paranoid."

As they'd been wrapping up their first session with the Great Minds, Parson went to leave the Temple, carrying his notes.

"[Stop] You should leave those pages here," sent Isaac.

Parson turned and shook his head. "No, I need to go over them tonight."

"They are not encoded."

"Um... Why does that matter? They're on paper, in my own hands."

"'Maybe some vulnerabilities come with using the Arkendish too - catch C in a link-up and use a bunch of Thinkamancers to psychically overwhelm him," quoted Isaac directly from his notes. Parson could actually see his own writing in his mind. "As a Headmaster, I am a master of Lookamancy. Any master-class Lookamancer in the same hex as you could read those, outside of this Temple."

Without changing his expression, he slowly crouched down and laid the sheaf of parchment on the floor.

"I gotta go."

Panel 2

In the lobby of the Temple of the Thinkamancers Parson is holding a ream of parchment with a neutral expression. Maggie is reaching to Parson. There's a closeup of Roger's face as he looks away. Isaac is looking at Parson with his arms crossed. Two other Thinkamancers are looking at the scene, one in a fifties style suit, another dressed like a magician.[edit]

When Parson had cut the notes up into sufficiently small confetti, he sat down on the edge of the tiny bed and looked at Maggie. "The, um...thing they want to do with me. That...brain surgery. We're gonna have to talk about that."

"Yes, I'd imagine so, Lord," she said, "I expect you have many questions."

"Yeah. First, how airtight is it?"


"Meaning a person's highest level Loyalty is to 'Thinkamancy itself?"

She glanced to the side. "That is oversimplifying it a bit, Lord. But yes."

"Well...putting aside whether or not I'd let them do that to me," said Parson, hunching over in thought. "That should mean we've got a worldwide network of agents to match Charlie's. But they didn't seem to think so."

"Because we don't," said Maggie. "We are all individuals, with our own lives and aims. As Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob, how thrilled were you to think of me as an 'agent' for the Thinkamancers? No, we cannot issue orders to Thinkamancers attached to other sides, Lord. We do not all Think Alike."

"Yeah, I know," said Parson. "'s a place to start. People to talk to. We should find out which of our enemies have a Thinkamancer."

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