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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Night

Panel 1

Closeup of Pierce smiling jovially at Lilith, with the inside of a Jetstone field tent in the background.[edit]

"Any chance I could stretch my legs?" Lilith asked. "Maybe go for a quick flight?"

Jetstone's Chief Healomancer gave her a wry grin, his face glowing orange. Outside, the sun was setting, shining directly on the burlap of the tent. Silhouettes of soldiers passing back and forth presented a random, meaningless shadow play.

"With those legs? You can do anything you want," said Pierce, "except walk out of this tent."

He was apparently one of Lilith's personal jailers, along with three knights and a buff-looking female warlord named Miranda Wright. The caravan had ended turn here on the road; she guessed they were 3 turns out from the City of Jetstone. If that was really where they were going.

"I need to take latrine," said the Archon from her pile of straw. She really kind of did.

Pierce nodded to one of the knights, who stepped out of his position by the tent flap, and opened a small wooden chest. He pulled out a tin pot, and walked it over to her.

Lilith looked at the Healomancer. "Some privacy?"

"Go ahead, I'm a doctor," he said.

"Not them," said Lilith, pointing at the knights.

Pierce only shrugged. Not for the first time, he reached over and refilled his glass from a large clear bottle.

Lilith set the pot aside on the straw.

"You're a butt."

"You're only saying that because it's popular opinion."

Lilith thought about this man. She'd been without access to Charlie's dossiers for more than sixty turns, but Pierce had been Jetstone's Chief Caster for longer than that. He was an organizational misfit, insubordinate, a problem to the Court. Slately did not keep any courtier in the role of fool or knave, but Pierce sometimes played things that way. He was fond of jokes and liked to talk. He often deployed with the Chief Warlord and made up for whatever toes he'd stepped on at home by means of his stellar performance in the field. He was intelligent, but not particularly wise. Charlie's Guide rated this unit at four and a half wings.

Panel 2

The inside of a Jetstone field tent. Lilith has shackles on her wrists and ankles, and is posing on a bed of hay with an inviting smile aimed at Pierce, who is seated on a crate with his healing tonic in hand and a bottle of gin behind him. Two infantrymen guard the door, and a Warlady named Miranda Wright scowls at Lillith from across the tent.[edit]

"Why are you here?" she asked him, to keep him engaged. He liked her legs, so she curled them up under her in his full view. The shackles made them too hard to cross.

"They tell me I was popped to save lives," said Pierce. "But I think my true purpose is to discover the Fountain of Gin."

She smiled, as if she'd actually found the joke funny. "I mean in the tent."

"Your ex-boss suggested keeping a caster in your guard," he said.

"But you're the Chief Healomancer," said Lilith, trying to let a little admiring purr creep into her tone. "You could have ordered the Hat Magician or the Dittomancer to watch me. You're in charge. So why'd you come here yourself, hm?"

Pierce smiled warmly. "Charlie gave us a long list of tricks you might try to get out of here," he said. "Do you want to guess what was at the top of the list?"

Lilith sighed. "Seduction?"

Pierce lifted his glass to his lips, wagging his eyebrows as he took a sip. "Ahh. So I volunteered."


This update takes place late in the evening, but later updates take place during the day on the same turn, suggesting that the LIAB Epilogue updates are either out of chronological order or subject to the relative time of Erfworld.

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