LIAB Epilogue 09

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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (Epilogue 09)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Panel 1

Inside his quarters in the Temple of the Thinkamancers, Parson is sitting at his desk writing on parchment.[edit]
(No text) [edit]

Panel 2

A piece of yellowed parchment with Parson's handwriting. Most of it is written in cursive, while bigger parts are in block writing.[edit]

Our communications may be completely compromised. They can be interrupted at will. Ask all I can about this when I meet w/Isaac. Use paper for notes until then. Look into a code or cipher system.

Intelligence: we lack it.
Sigint: Charlie's got ours, we don't have anything on him. Ask Isaac about hacking Charlie.
Humint: Gotta start making more friends, figure out who we can trust. Buy some secrets. Get some spies.

Spacerock: If it falls, we lose our whole treasury. It's stuck out there on the map, needs reinforcements. If attacked, I can go there with

Panel 3

A piece of yellowed parchment with Parson's handwriting. It has two hand drawn Hamstard cartoons.[edit]

the casters. Maybe Marie, Isaac, & some allied casters will help too.
The Tool: Biggest single point of failure for GK. He dies, we lose. We gotta get him to Spacerock if we to change capitals, tho. See if he would appoint an heir. Who, me?


Prisoners: Ansom or Archon might turn, both have a lot of intel on us, Wanda.
Geopolitics: Everybody's against us. That needs to stop. Let's get some diplomacy going with non-Royal sides.
Magic Kingdom: We made a lot of enemies here today. They will move us @ some point. Need a deterrent of some kind. Magical defenses?
Charlie's Powers: Remember the Turnamancy spell at the battle. The Wizard has more tricks.



  • Sigint: Short for Signals Intelligence, the gathering of intel through the interception of signals, both electronic and verbal. (ex: listening over someone's shoulder or Charlie reading the eyebooks)
  • Humint: Short for Human Intelligence, the gathering of information by direct human interaction. (ex: talking to someone or interrogating a prisoner)