LIAB Epilogue 07:2/Text

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"Two things have impressed me, over the hundredturns," said the Foolamancer. "One is the high price that Charlie paid to protect these small secrets. They must matter a great deal to him."

"Yeah..." said Parson. His gears were already grinding on that fact. "What else?"

"That he, too, summoned a perfect warlord," said Jack. "One whose Fate was to destroy the 'Wicked Witch' of the story." Jack raised an index finger to the air. "And she did. It was inexorable. Charlie must have set her loose in the world, then watched her hunt down Overlady Blair, the most powerful Ruler in the land, letting nothing stop her."

Jack closed his lips in an expectant smirk, waiting for Parson to finish the thought. It was a little thing they did. Parson was glad they were still doing it.

He blinked a couple of times. "And now he's got one of those coming after him."

Jack's face split into an unnervingly wide grin. "How do you think he feels about that?"

Parson thought about the inferno in Spacerock's portal room, those few lines of text in his eyebook. He grinned back at Jack. "If he has pants," said Parson, "I hope he's pissing 'em."