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Maggie takes Parson's hand, who looks down at her with doubt. She looks up at him with a worried look. Decrypted Infantry are behind them, as are some red trees.


"We should proceed inside, Lord. You and I alone," said Maggie, taking Parson's hand as they topped the incline.

Parson planted his feet and let her tug uselessly at his hand. Around him, the troops came to a halt. "I don't think so," he said. "Not until I get a better handle on things, Maggie. I don't go anyplace alone here."

Maggie let go of his hand and looked up at him. "Lord, it is immediately necessary..."

"Why don't we take care of basic logistical matters first?" said Isaac, taking a step forward. "Quarters and such? You're welcome to station these troops here for now, Chief Parson. But you've brought around sixty more units than we can accommodate."

"Thanks," Parson nodded, feeling a bit relieved. This group was his responsibility. His first thought on where to quarter them was to ask Marie, but this was easier. He put his hands on his hips and looked around. "You mind if Sizemore builds a barracks or something?"

"I'm sure that would be fine," said Isaac.

"No juice," muttered Sizemore, looking off into the distance and leaning on his shovel.

Yeah, he had used a lot today. "Okay, then we're camping tonight."

"Very good," said Isaac. "I'd imagine you have some of your own matters to sort out, as do we. We should allow you some time to get situated. Shall we meet separately with our own groups before conferring?"

"Arright. Sounds good," said Parson, nodding again.

"Maggie? With us, please?" said Isaac, extending his hand.

Maggie moved to follow, but Parson stopped her in her tracks with a silent order.

"No, she's with me," he said. She looked at him, her mouth open to protest, but he narrowed his eyes at her. "She's the first matter I gotta sort out."