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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

Panel 1

An overhead shot of the Temple of the Thinkamancers. The sky is partly cloudy, two casters are waiting at the front of the temple and two groups of units are approaching. At the front are the Great Minds that Think Alike, and the larger group behind them are Parson and his stack of casters and decrypted.[edit]

A brick pathway ran from Portal Park to the Temple, here and there branching off into the pink-leafed trees. A thousand times or more, Headmaster Roger Victor Clarence had strode this path, staring down at the paving stones, contemplating this or that.

Today's walk was like none he'd ever taken. He kept his pace with Headmaster Isaac Cipher. A step behind them, several of the other Great Minds followed along with measured steps, thinking measured thoughts.

And behind them marched a hundred troops and warlords.

This well-worn path would lead them to one of several outcomes, as the Titans would allow. Roger scowled, disturbed by the implications of each.

Tisha flashed a quick poll, in standard code: [Mistake or Necessary {Poll?}]

[Mistake] sent Jintao, immediately. It was unlike him to be first to speak, so it held the weight of conviction. Good.

[Necessary] sent Empress Saltina. But she'd always been a reliable advocate for this plan.

[Mistake {special emphasis!}] Roger chipped in. He would wait to elaborate, but Tisha and the others were mainly counting the cost to their reputation within the Magic Kingdom, asking whether defeating Charlie would be worth it all. Roger often argued there was danger even if Parson Gotti succeeded.

[Necessary {qualifications pending...}] sent A.V. Club. Something, at least, troubled her about this. Also good.

[Uncertain {inquiries pending?}] sent Pamelor. Fine.

[Necessary {additional +Inevitable}] sent Isaac, which sounded suspiciously like fatalism. Isaac was their brightest, but he was too close for Roger's comfort to some of those Predictamancers.

[Necessary] concluded Tisha. No surprise. She'd helped to forge the spell that had summoned this warlord.

Panel 2

The Great Minds that Think Alike are walking in a stack, the red trees of the Magic Kingdom's Eyemancy corner are in the background. Some, like Empress Saltina, Tisha, and A.V. Club are smiling. Isaac and Pamelor have more reserved expressions, while Jintao and Roger Victor Clarence seem upset.[edit]

Roger fretted. Why wouldn't they consider the perils of success, as well? What if the Arkendish, too, fell to Gobwin Knob? Then a non-Royal side would control the only three Arkentools whose location was known.

And if Parson Gotti attuned to it...oh!

He could well become a worse threat than Charlie ever had been.

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