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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 2
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Panel 1

Wanda, Ansom and an unnamed Decrypted Warlord look on from a hill as Red and Green dwagons are using combo breath attacks to raze Motoroyal. Unaroyal Infantry crowd the Outer walls to avoid the flames; a lone red is targeting a wall fortification.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 2

The right page of Parson's Eyebook, it shows text and a table.[edit]

Fire Rules, cont.
nuances, but I think the important classes of fire come down to this:

Controlled Often started as a result of use of a Fire special in battle. All small fires are this
type, even utility fires (campfires, fireplaces). They can be put out by anyone,
even if the hex/city is contested. If a fire is not put out, there's a small chance it
can go uncontrolled, but usually you need an enemy agency that's trying to set
the place on fire. Won't damage units near it.
Uncontrolled Large fire and/or multiple points of ignition, spreading. Will damage/croak units
as it spreads, acting as a Dirtamancy trap. Bigger the fire, worse the damage,
greater the chance to go inferno. Cities and structures (ruins, fames, mines) and
some hex types (forest, grassland) can have a controlled fire go uncontrolled.
Cities take damage. Uncontrolled fire can still be put out but you have to have
uncontested control of the area. All talking units have fire-fighting capacity, but
some (pink dwagons, firemen, some water-based units) can engage fire instead
of enemy. If you don't fight an uncontrolled fire in time, it will go to inferno.
Inferno Huge, unfightable fire. Heavy damage to units in the area. Only a Dirtamancer
can put out an inferno fire, otherwise it will completely destroy the area (raze city,
destroy structure, change hex to ash type). Units without Fire Resistance special
have to evade trap at penalty to flee area, or otherwise croak.

Case Study 1: Motoroyal/Dwagoncon
Ansom and Wanda burned Motoroyal (level 2 city) rather than taking it with infantry, because it had tones of infantry defending it, but no real air defense. So that basically meant we didn't have to go in there to battle, we just lit it up.

I gotta say, it was pretty horrible how it played out. Our red/green dwagons flew in and ignited the garrison zone at multiple points, so it went to inferno level pretty quick. Then all the Unaroyal units either fled to the outer walls or burned up, so all we had to do was land a fire-resistant unit like a riderless red in the middle of the fire and claim the garrison.

At that point, the living Unaroyal troops were our prisoners, but the city is on fire. As prisoners, they had move, but Ansom and Wanda wouldn't order/let them out of the burning city. Instead, they just let the inferno spread and take everybody, and the city burned to the ground. Then she rode in and mass-decrypted them.

We probably could take every city that way. But we don't get the bonus we'd get by taking it and razing it ourselves. With Motoroyal, we had to re-found the city on the site and build it up from the treasury, which is expensive even with a Dirtamancer. The Tool renamed it "Dwagoncon."