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Needs the caster in panel 11 identified.

Book (LIAB)
Page by page (99)
Panel by panel (99:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 99.jpg
LIAB 99a.jpg

Panels: 13
Previous LIAB 98 Next LIAB 99a [edit]

Panel 1

Overhead view of Parson, the Great Minds, Predictamancers, and Marie as he's about to cross the blue Portal to Spacerock. Parson's half turned to Marie, asking her a question.[edit]

Parson Gotti: How bout some Predictamancy, Marie.
Is this a trap?

Marie Lavraie: Coss it's a trap.
You'll go anyway.

Panel 2

Closeup of Parson, framed by the blue Portal to Spacerock. He's in profile and looking questioningly at an off panel Marie.[edit]
Parson: Mm.
Will I win?

Panel 3

Marie looks up reassuringly at an off panel Parson, with a hint of secretive confidence. Wanda is just behind her, giving Parson an altogether worried look. The Magnificent Carniac's turban is just in frame.[edit]
Marie: Yes, eventually.
Today, it's just anotha battle.

Panel 4

Ace talks to an unconscious and incapacitated Cubbins, hurriedly and worriedly propping him into a sitting position on the ground as he straps the dittomancied Jetpack onto him.[edit]

Lord Ace Hardware: I don't have a lof of time, Cubs.
But I can definitely...
add one feature to this puppy.

Gonna call it "an autopilot."

Panel 5

Ace is holding up a limp Cubbins, now with the Dittomancied Jetpack on him. He's smiling sadly and resignedly to his friend.[edit]

Ace: I know you can't hear me. But that was a real brave thing you did on the tower.
Couldn't letcha do that without paying you back.

Jetstone needs you more'n me, buddy.

Panel 6

Downward shot as the unconscious Cubbins is flown away by the copied Jetpack. Ace salutes him, not noticing the combo breath attack burning up a Battle Bear just behind him.[edit]

Ace: I owe ya a salute, too.
Get to Pierce.

He'll fix you up!

Panel 7

The inset panel shows Ace turning with a confident smile. The main panel has a flaming G-RAF fall on top of him, a Battle Bear stumbles nearby from the combo breath attack flames.[edit]

Ace: Now I got this battle to lea–


Ace: Aaahhgh!

Panel 8

Sylvia, mounted on a decrypted Red dwagon, holds her sword aloft with a huge smirk on her face. Two Battle Bears are aflame and badly torn up in the background.[edit]
Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Hey, Fate!
Well played!

Panel 9

Parson has just walked through the Portal in Spacerock's Portal Room, shocking Antium and a decrypted infantryman. Parson looks around quizzically, towering over them.[edit]
Sylvia (off-panel): "This was an excellent time to give me back my Chief Warlord bonus!" [edit]

Panel 10

View from behind and left of Parson. Jack walks through the portal and gives an amused shrug.[edit]

Parson: Jack. What are you doing here?

Jack Snipe: Well, I've missed our wargames.

Haven't you?

Panel 11

Parson talks to Jack, his expression neutral. Jack smiles and holds his cane up with both hands. Antium and the Decrypted soldiers look on at the scene, everyone is lit by the portal's blue light. There is a wall hanging of a brown haired Caster wearing a pale red buttoned coat, dark gray pants and black shoes, and a dark red cape.[1][edit]

Parson: No, I mean I wasn't supposed to take any casters with me.
And I thought you were out of Juice, anyway.

Jack: Indeed.
I am.

Panel 12

Jack holds a hand to his chin, smiling as he gestures with the other hand and cane back at a slightly frowning Antium.[edit]
Jack: So I can only conclude that I must have used a trick of some sort.
Have you met this fellow Antium?

Panel 13

Jack continues to point at Antium as he half turns back to an off panel Parson, he has the look of someone surprised by smelling something unpleasant. For his part, Antium is looking up, slightly alarmed.[edit]

Jack: High level warlord.
Knows the city.
Very useful man to stack with.

Do you smell smoke?


  • ^  Who is the painting of the caster in red a reference to?