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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (98)
Panel by panel (98:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Sylvia is demolishing everything in her path as she leads a group of Hobgobwin knights and mounted Green and Red dwagons. The Hobgobwins are stabbing Jetstone infantry, and the dwagons are burning and eating them. The Jetstone infantry are actually running from them. A fire burns in the background.[edit]
Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Stab... trample... burn... and eat... everything.
Until we get to the Dollamancer.

Panel 2

Downward shot of Ace hefting some broken masonry, he's smiling down at Cubbins, who is unconscious and Incapacitated underneath some beams that saved him from being crushed.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Here he is!
Little buddy![1]

Panel 3

Ace looks up at three Battle Bears and an LFN, who look down at him curiously. There's a huge pile of broken masonry above and behind Ace.[edit]
Ace Hardware: C'mon, get this stuff offa him.
Dig him out.

Panel 4

Aerial shot of the Atrium. Sylvia, the Hobgobwins, Green and Red dwagons are advancing closer to Ace, spewing a huge combo breath attack ahead of them. Ace looks down at her with worry as the Battle Bears keep digging out Cubbins. A Battle Bear and two G-RAFs look down as well.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Hurry up, I think she's mad now. [edit]

Panel 5

Aerial view of the Atrium. The cloth golems are throwing rocks at the approaching dwagons, who continue to combo breath attack.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Screen me, all right?
Keep tryin' ta hit her.

Panel 6

Ace points at the very far away Captain Archer and some Decrypted making their way into the Palace, chasing after Slately. He orders a G-RAF and a Battle Bear to target them.[edit]
Ace Hardware: No wait, wait!
Get that guy instead!
That warlord! He's goin' after the king!

Panel 7

Slately, Count Downer and two Jetstone Infantry enter a passage. Slately looks very relieved, and Downer shoots him a dirty look over his shoulder.[edit]

Slately-Ditto: We've made it!

Count Downer: Never say that.

Panel 8

Count Downer staggers, gaping, as an arrow head pokes through the Jetstone Radish on his breastplate. Slately yells up at him in alarm.[edit]

Count Downer: There're a lot of stairs and halls ahea— Uck.

Slately-Ditto: Count Downer!

Panel 9

Count Downer's body hits the floor, Slately turns back to see where the arrow came from, discovering Captain Archer aiming straight for him, with some Decrypted screening for him. A huge boulder is sailing straight for Captain Archer.[edit]
Slately-Ditto: Titans, he's— [edit]

Panel 10

Captain Archer gapes as he's pushed forward by the boulder, hitting him square in the back while he was about to fire. A Decrypted cameo infantryman wearing blue rectangular glasses gasps in shock behind him.[edit]
SFX: SpaceRock BOULDER [2] [edit]

Panel 11

Captain Archer is flat against the floor as the boulder crushes him. Ashes are wafting up from his nose and mouth as he gets re-croaked, his eyes are swirly and his gaze confused, with a raised eyebrow.[edit]
Captain Archer: Um, Ziggy says... there's a 97 percent chance that this...
...was a Luckamancy repayment.[3]

Panel 12

Two decrypted fight as Captain Archer completely dissolves into ashes. The boulder that crushed him sits in the middle of the ash cloud. The beefier infantryman is wearing blue rectangular glasses, the other is getting cut in half.[edit]

Decrypted Fodder: Augh!

Firewheels: Eat hot cameo![4]

Panel 13

Sylvia stands on the head of a decrypted Red dwagon, leaning on one of its fins for balance, she gazes at the combo breath attack that's incinerating two Battle Bears and two G-RAFs.[edit]
Sylvia: Pretty. [edit]


  • ^  Possibly a reference to Gilligan's Island, where the Skipper Jonas Grumby would refer to Gilligan as his 'Little Buddy'
  • ^  A reference to the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • ^  The name Ziggy, the use of percentages and the fact that both Captain Archer from Star Trek: Enterprise and Doctor Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap were both played by Scott Bakula make it likely that this is a reference to the TV show Quantum Leap
  • ^  "The gentleman in Panels 9, 10, and 12 of Page 098 is Kickstarter supporter Chris Miller, aka Firewheels. Chris donated the Mac Mini I am using on my end for the motion comic project, and it's a great machine. Thank you, Chris!" – WoT December 10th Newspost