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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Dove, Sean and Jojo are standing together. Jojo continues speaking to the off-panel assembled crowd, this time with a wicked grin and holding a bent arm hand up. Sean is just behind Jojo and has a raised eyebrow. Dove has a hand on Sean's shoulders to cool him down.[edit]

Sean Mattox: We what?

Dove: Hey.

Jojo: Think of it! Will this be one Titanic affront too many? Will the Titans allow him to violate the conventions of warfare, and pass through?
Or will the portal reject him!
Perhaps, even destroy him this time, as it would any ordinary warlord?!
I cannot say, my fellow casters, and neither can you! But in my estimation as a Carnymancer, I can only tell you that this will be exceedingly dangerous for him.

Panel 2

Jojo smiles benignly with his eyes closed, with a "calm down" motion of the hands out. Tracy looks at Jojo disbelievingly while holding a wand. Sean has his eyes closed and face scrunched, trying to stay calm.[edit]

Tracy: It's dangerous because we're about to shoot him.

Jojo: Yes, but hold your fire, my good man! Allow the Titans the courtesy of first shot, won't you?
If he fails, there is nothing lost. If he succeeds... well, then justice will be served in the usual way.
For now, let us allow him his historic dare.

Panel 3

Closeup of Tracy's face. He's frowning.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 4

Tracy leans over to speak to the masked caster in green. Both look at each other as they assess the situation. Jojo leans in with a salesman's grin, trying to sell them on the idea.[edit]

Tracy: I mean, if the Carnymancers aren't backing us up here, we'll lose in a firefight.

Weather Wizard: Hm.

Jojo: No firefight necessary, my friend.
The Titans will stop him, as they will. We have but to sit back and watch.

Panel 5

Sean hangs his head, defeated. Jojo looks pleased with a hand on his hips and a hand in the air. Tracy looks up and holds a hand out, resigned.[edit]

Tracy: ...
Arright. Go on, then.

Jojo: Sean, a drumroll, if you'd be so kind.

Panel 6

Parson looks at Jojo, who bows deeply and holds his hands out. Sean beings to beat an imaginary drum. Isaac, Pamelor, and Dove are in the background.[edit]

Parson: That was... unexpected, Jojo.

Jojo: You are most humbly welcome.

Sean Mattox: Dookeda, dookeda, dookeda...

Panel 7

Parson walks towards the Portal to Spacerock. Jojo gestures for Parson to go through it. Empress Saltina and Tisha are in the background.[edit]

Sean: Dookeda, dookeda, dookeda, dookeda...

Parson: Makes me want to roll for traps.

Jojo: Hurry, hurry.

Panel 8

Count Downer turns to speak to Slately. In the background Ace poses and points, leading the Golems. A Battle Bear, Tankeroo, and LFN throw broken masonry at the Gobwin Knob forces off panel. A huge wall of flame is on the right side.[edit]

Count Downer: Now, Y'Majesty.

Ace Hardware: Throw!

Count Downer: Let's break for the walls. Mind the flame.

Slately-Ditto: Aye, lead me.

Panel 9

Downward shot of Sylvia mounted on a decrypted Red dwagon. She points off panel. Captain Archer is looking at her, bow in hand. Some infantry and a Hobgobwin in a crouch stand nearby.[edit]

Archer: Cloth golems look like they're hanging back...

Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Yeah, this is a feint.
They're splittin' their forces, see?

See the King? He's splitting off.

Panel 10

Closeup of Sylvia mounted on a Red dwagon, she's squinting to look in the distance. In the background decrypted forces are fighting Jetstone infantry as they lunge through the fire. A few reds and a green are farther behind.[edit]

Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Where are you going, little King?
You trying to flank me?

Uh-uh. C'mere...

Panel 11

Sylvia's decrypted Red dwagon has its head crushed by masonry thrown by a Battle Bear, nearly crushing her as well. An LFN is also hurling a large boulder in the background. Slately is barely visible behind a wall of fire. Ace is leading the Cloth Golems in the background as well, pointing at targets.[edit]
SFX: CRiT[2] [edit]

Panel 12

Sylvia is dumped unceremoniously on the ground of the Atrium as her Decrypted Red dwagon turns to dust, starting at the front. An infantry woman comes close to help. In the background, a mounted Green dwagon bites down on a Jetstone infantryman. Flames and soldiers are everywhere.[edit]


Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Uagh!

Panel 13

Captain Archer kneels by a prone Sylvia, both turn to look bitterly at an off panel and Slately. There's ash everywhere, a pair of Hobgobwins, and various decrypted infantry behind them. Flames roar in the far background.[edit]

Archer: The, ah... King went into the walls.

You want me to follow?

Lady Sylvia Lazarus: Yeah, go.
The Dollamancer's my problem.


  • ^  B. C. could stand for a number of things, but the strongest contenders are Be Cool, Be Careful and Barker's Call— in all cases, "Let Jojo do his thing"
  • ^  A "crit" is short of "Critical Hit", a Dungeons and Dragons mechanic. It's when a roll of twenty on a twenty sided die to hit an opponent happens, it multiplies the amount of damage taken.