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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (96)
Panel by panel (96:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 96.jpg
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Panels: 10
Previous LIAB 95 Next LIAB 97 [edit]

Panel 1

Jetstone Pikers are rushing into the Atrium through a gap in the wall. Sylvia is mounted on a decrypted Red dwagon and readies her troops. A hobgobwin, some decrypted infantry, and another pair of dwagons are waiting for the Jetstone troops to close. There's a Battle Bear, G-RAF, and a Tankeroo are in the background.[edit]
Sylvia Lazarus: Prep tandem blasts. Breathe and hold!

Panel 2

Sylvia is mounted on a decrypted Red dwagon, she points forward and the dwagon readies its flame breath. Beside her, a decrypted Green dwagon readies it's poison gas breath. There are decrypted infantry and a hobgobwin beginning to charge forward.[edit]
Sylvia: Hold it... [edit]

Panel 3

Aerial shot above the Atrium. Four decrypted Red and Green dwagons are using a combo breath attack on the oncoming Jetstone troops. Three Purple dwagons, two Pinks, and a Blue are waiting behind the Greens and Reds. A Battle Bear, two G-RAF, a Tankeroo, and an LFN are just outside the garrison.[edit]

Sylvia: Now.


Panel 4

Ace stands in front of a mounted Tankeroo, an LFN, and a Battle Bear, giving orders.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Arright, let's get into this rubble!
Just be careful! We got personnel trapped here!

Panel 5

Upwards shot from outside the Garrison, Jetstone troops are rushing up a piece of fallen masonry. The combo breath attack of the Green and Red dwagons can be seen in the background. A Battle Bear and a Tankeroo are in the foreground, just barely in the frame.[edit]
Ace: Yeah, just like that!
You know what to do with the big pieces...

Panel 6

Count Downer steps forward with a fearsome expression, sending the Jetstone infantry charging forward with many roaring. Slately stands beside him with his Ray Gun at the ready.[edit]

Count Downer: Forward units! Pile in there!
Hurt 'em!

Slately-Ditto: Hurt them.

Panel 7

In Portal Park, the Great Minds, Predictamancers, and Parson's group all turn to look at a genial Jojo, who has his eyes closed and holding both his hands palm up at chest level, elbows slightly bent.[edit]
Jojo Jeftichew: Ladies and gentlemen! Casters of all disciplines! I have had an epiphany of sorts!
I beg one moment of your kind attention, in order to share it!

Panel 8

Upwards shot and closeup of Jojo's face. He has a sly smile and half lidded eyes. Tracy is behind him and gapes in surprise, Sean raises an eyebrow.[edit]
Jojo: Consider! Before you stands the inestimable Lord Hamster of Gobwin Knob, the only warlord ever to travel to the Magic Kingdom! For that alone, he must be considered exceptional!
As in, "an exception to the rules."

Panel 9

Jojo continues to speak to the assembled Great Minds, Predictamancers, Parson's group and random casters. Abner Washboard's tattoo gapes incredulously.[edit]

Tracy: Yeah, but that's not—

Jojo: Today, we are all witnesses and participants in a spectacle of history! Having tested the Titans once, Lord Hamster will now dare to test them once more, by attempting to pass through an enemy portal without permission!

And I say we let him try!

Panel 10

Splash panel with a ground level view of the Jetstone Infantry rushing into the combo breath attacks of decrypted Red and Green dwagons. Ace stands on some rubble and leads a Battle Bear, LFN, and a Tankeroo with amounted warlord to heave broken masonry from the Atrium at the leadership stack inside the atrium. Count Downer and Slately observe the carnage.[edit]

Ace: At the leadership stack!


Count Downer: There's your view, King.
Ya like it?

Slately-Ditto: My city is aflame...