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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

Tramennis floats before a soldier at the gate out of Spacerock, he's wearing the Jetpack, Thinking cap, and Ray Gun. Lloyd and Pierce are mounted on Unipegataurs. Infantrymen are milling about.[edit]

Tramennis: March the column for Jetstone, by way of Oliverstone. We'll be flying there directly.
I will appoint a new Chief Warlord tomorrow, when I've assumed the throne and we've counted casualties.
That might be you, we shall see.

Jetstone Warlord: Yes, Highness!

Panel 2

Aerial shot of Tramennis as he flies out of Spacerock, he's wearing the Jetpack, Thinking cap, and Ray Gun. Lloyd and Pierce are mounted on Unipegataurs and following. Pierce looks back at the city, Lloyd smiles and pipes up. Tramennis wears a look of stony gloom.[edit]

Pierce: Do you want to linger in the airspace and watch the battle?
Maybe we can help out in a pinch or something.

Lloyd Elliott: Yeah. Yeah!

Tramennis: No, he doesn't want that.

Panel 3

Closeup of Tramennis's face. He looks utterly devastated. He's wearing the Thinking cap. Pierce is mounted on a Unipegataur and flying just behind Tramennis, he frowns sadly.[edit]

Tramennis: This battle is expressly his own.
His statement. His mission.
His legacy.
We cannot deny such to a King.

Lloyd: I see, I see.

Panel 4

Slately stands next to Count Downer, both are in front a large stack of infantry.[edit]

Count Downer: The Prince is aloft, Highness.
We await the order to charge.

Slately Ditto: I'll take the fore.

Count Downer: Prefer if you didn't, Y'Majesty.

Panel 5

Upwards shot of Count Downer, he looks grim and snarky. Slately is looking up at him. There's infantry behind them.[edit]

Count Downer: Not if the primary objective is to put you on the throne.

Slately Ditto: Where, then?

Count Downer: Behind the wedge of the second wave, if you will.

Stacked with me.

Panel 6

Count Downer gestures back behind the column, which is off panel. Slately holds up a hand, palm up in disbelief. An infantryman reacts to Downer's gesture.[edit]

Slately Ditto: Pah, no. I won't be able to see.

Count Downer: You will. When the troops in front of you are croaked.

Slately Ditto: How faithless! You don't know they will fall.

Count Downer: They will if we do this right, Your Highness

Panel 7

Count Downer stands perfectly straight, with a deapan, dead-tired look on his face. Slately turns to follow his gaze, still skeptical. The ruined Atrium and Garrison is in the background, with some decrypted in the upper floors.[edit]

Count Downer: They will. Then I will.
Then you will.

Slately Ditto: Mmph.
Are you always so pessimistic?

Count Downer: Not at all.
I saved it for my last battle.

Panel 8

Midair shot of Lloyd and Pierce mounted on Unipegataurs, and Tramennis in flight. Lloyd gestures down in alarm. Pierce is looking down at the off-panel Garrison. Tramennis doesn't turn his gaze, he just looks forward with a deadened look.[edit]

Lloyd: Fire! There's fire!

Pierce: Uh, it looks like they're igniting the garrison walls.

Tramennis: I saw.

Panel 9

Upwards shot of Count Downer as he grimaces sternly. Slately raises up his Scepter/Ray Gun to start the charge.[edit]

Count Downer: All stacked.
We stand ready, King.

Slately Ditto: Charge.
For the love of Jetstone, charge!!

Panel 10

Downwards aerial shot of Tramennis, Pierce, and Lloyd as they fly out of Spacerock, the latter two mounted on Unipegataurs. There are huge columns of massed Jetstone infantry ready to storm the ruined Atrium/Garrison. The decrypted Red dwagons are setting fire to the garrison at multiple points. Most of Gobwin Knob's decrypted infantry is massed near the door to the now gone Tower of Jenga. Tramennis finally reveals how truly deep his grief and hopeless runs.[edit]
Tramennis: Fly on. [edit]