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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

In Thinkspace, Parson looks on as Maggie speaks on his behalf, she looks contrite.[edit]
Maggie: I concede that this action is reckless, hasty, possibly unnecessary...
Arguably quite foolhardy...

Panel 2

In Thinkspace, Parson takes on an amused smirk as Maggie gets passionate and yells her case before the Great Minds, who are off panel.[edit]

Parson: Keep digging. There's a "but" in there, somewhere.

Maggie: But he needs this.

If he's to do anything else, including defeating Charlie, then he must first do this.

So you must allow it!
That history might proceed, stand aside!

Panel 3

In Portal Park, Abner Washboard stands before some casters and is dramatically gesturing to the massed Predictamancers, Parson, and the Great Minds. Phillip cups a hand to his mouth and yells merrily towards Abner. There's a caster in a ball cap leaning in. [1] A short squat witch.[2] There's a Caster in a yellow coat and hat.[3] A short caster with a crown.[4] A tall female with bunny ears.[5][edit]

Abner Washboard: So it's the Thinkamancers that are to blame for him. They're protecting him, and lying about what he really is!
And right now, they are negotiating a deal to let the warlord pass through the portal!

Phillip: Yes they are!

Panel 4

Marie smiles conspiratorially to Phillip, who continues to merrily heckle the Carnymancers. Parson towers behind Marie and Phillip, with his head bowed and eyes closed as he experiences Thinkspace. Wanda is near them.[edit]

Phillip: And they're going to reach one! And then he's going through!
So everyone can go home. You know how it ends now.

Marie: Hush, Phillip.
No spoilahs.

Panel 5

Jojo is walking, looking down at the ground as he is suddenly startled and stops his stride.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 6

Jojo looks up at the sky and starts speaking, looking at no one.[edit]
Jojo: Yes? [edit]

Panel 7

Closeup of Jojo's face, he's looking up and seems slightly confused as he continues speaking to no one physically present.[edit]

Jojo: Um...


Panel 8

Isaac turns to look at the assembled casters, making an announcement. Phillip closes his eyes and raises a hand triumphantly. Tisha stands behind Isaac with a neutral expression.[edit]

Isaac: I have an announcement. The warlord will pass through the enemy portal.

Phillip: Toldja!

Isaac: No casters will be allowed to pass through.

Panel 9

Aerial shot of Portal Park in front of the portal to Spacerock. Several casters are pointing their wands at the Great Minds, Predictamancers, and Parson's group. One of them is wearing blue[6], another masked one is in green.[7] There's a set of triplet Predictamancers.[8][edit]

Off-the-shoulder Caster: No!

Green Disco Caster: No!

Third Caster: No, he won't!

Panel 10

Closeup of Sean and Tracy. Sean is growling and Tracy is yelling angrily.[edit]

Sean Mattox: Not without a fight.

Tracy: Attempting that is an act of war.

We don't need an enforcement council; we will answer in kind!

Panel 11

Parson looks down at Marie with an impatient look. Marie turns her head to meet his gaze, she looks wary.[edit]

Parson: I'm about done playing Magic: the Gathering[9] here, Marie.

Screen me. I'm going.

Marie: Don't.

You'll be shot down.

Panel 12

Face level shot of Marie. She addresses Parson without turning, she has a sly, conspiratorial smile.[edit]
Marie: This isn't the moment. Wait for one last thing. [edit]

Panel 13

Jojo is rapidly striding purposefully back to the assembled casters. A caster robed in orange and yellow with a blue tattoo on his bald head is looking on in the background.[10][edit]

Marie (off panel): "One last thing.

Here it comes."


  1. ^David  David Blaine, street magician, is leaning into the frame
  2. ^Broom  Broom Hilda, titular character of a newspaper comic strip, is between him and Tracy
  3. ^Tracy  Dick Tracy, a police detective from the comic strip of the same name, is standing next to Broom Hilda.
  4. ^Corobo  Corobo, the short guy with the crown from Little King's Story, listens to Abner.
  5. ^Saturday  Saturday, character from the webcomic Cucumber Quest, is on the far right with bunny ears
  6. ^Katara  Possibly Katara (or random Southern Water Tribe member), from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender, in blue
  7. ^Weather  Possibly Weather Wizard, from the Flash comic books, in green
  8. ^Weird  The Weird Sisters, from the cartoon Gargoyles (inspired by McBeth), are next to Parson.
  9. ^Gathering  This is a reference to the trading card game of the same name, Magic: The Gathering.
  10. ^Aang  Aang (or possibly just a random Air Nomad), from the cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender.