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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (93)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
Previous LIAB Text 57 Next LIAB 94 [edit]

Panel 1

Ace is flying high above Spacerock, carrying Slately's croaked body in his arms. He looks down at Slately's body, devastated.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 2

Tramennis, Ace, and three infantrymen are outside the Spacerock Garrison. Ace has laid Slately's body on a slab and gestures to it, while holding the original Thinking cap, Ray Gun, and Jetpack. Only Slately's boot is visible behind Tramennis. Tramennis is wearing the ditto'd Thinking cap, and three infantrymen are milling about.[edit]

Tramennis: Ace.

Ace: His Majesty's body lies within, Your Highness.
I've pulled all the non-dittoed items off of it.

Tramennis: Yes, good.

Panel 3

Closeup of Tramennis. He has a haunted look on his face as he receives the original Thinking cap, Ray Gun, and Jetpack from Ace. Large stacks of infantrymen march in the background.[edit]
Tramennis: Have it burned, quickly. Can't let him go the way of Ossomer. I couldn't bear it.
Then join us at the main gate for evacuation.

Panel 4

Tramennis holds the original Thinking Cap and Ray Gun in his arms with a faraway look on his face. Ace is in the background, he's holding the Jetpack and has raised his right arm in disbelief and worry.[edit]

Ace: Sorry, Sire, evacuation? We're not fighting?

Tramennis: No. The King fights alone.
That is his will.
We shall withdraw to the city of Jetstone.

Panel 5

Tramennis has begun to walk away morosely with his head bowed, with Ace following behind and speaking.[edit]

Ace: But… he'll rescue Cubbins, right?

Tramennis: I don't know.

Ace: And how will Cubbins get healed? How will he get out of the city?

Tramennis: I don't know.

Panel 6

Slightly upward shot of Tramennis, his head bowed and eyes closed. He's cradling the original Thinking cap and Ray Gun in the crook of his arms. Ace is stunned speechless behind him.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 7

Aerial shot of Ace rushing up to Slately, who is being followed by Jetstone Warlords. There are three large square formations of infantrymen, a Battle Bear, and G-RAF in the background.[edit]
Ace: Majesty! [edit]

Panel 8

Upwards shot of Ace pleading with Slately, who is being followed by Jetstone Warlords. There's a Battle Bear and a Tankeroo in the background.[edit]

Slately: Why are you here? You're in contravention of your orders.

Ace: Sire, how are you planning to save Cubbins?

Slately: That is not my primary concern.

Panel 9

Ace is pleading passionately to Slately, holding a hand to his heart. Jetstone infantry are in the background.[edit]

Slately: If we eliminate the enemy forces, then I imagine we can dig him out of the rubble at that point.

Ace: I would fight beside you, Your Majesty!

Slately: No.
Tramennis will need you, as King. Go with him.

Ace: He'll need Cubbins, too!

Panel 10

Closeup of Ace pleading passionately. He looks distraught.[edit]
Ace: Look, the cloth golems will be much stronger with my bonus. And once we're in there, the battle bears can dig him out. Please!
I know I've never been the Dollamancer you wanted, okay?
But I can do this!

Panel 11

Closeup of Slately. He looks resigned as he gazes up to an off panel Ace. There's a Warlord and a Battle Bear in the background.[edit]
Slately: Yes, well… I suppose… I have never been the sort of Ruler you wanted, either.
Strange thought.
Holly Shortcake was very dear to me, you know.

Panel 12

Slately hangs his head. Ace and the Warlords look on. There's a Battle Bear in the background.[edit]
Slately: Even Kings can err, I suppose. And if I wish to correct any of my own mistakes, this is my last day…
… perhaps my last hour to atone.

Panel 13

Two G-RAF's, four Battle Bear's, and a pair of LFNs tower above Ace, Slately two Jetstone Warlords. Slately points ahead at the off panel Garrison. Some of the Cloth Golems are looking at the group.[edit]
Slately: Yes, your request is granted. Stack up with your golems.
Our objective is the throne room.