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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

In Thinkspace, Parson is leaning forward and earnestly talking to Isaac. Maggie is holding her head with a hand, trying to compose herself.[edit]
Parson: Yeah, I get it. You've got some important things to talk to me about. But there's "important" and there's "urgent."
Getting through here is urgent.

Panel 2

In Thinkspace, Parson points up and behind Isaac's head to emphasize his point, he looks annoyed.[edit]

Parson: We're not at war with Charlie right now. We're at war with Jetstone, and they're probably kicking our ass today.
So what's it gonna take for you to let me through this portal? Huh? What if I swear to come back and talk as soon as I can?

Isaac: You still want to go through?

Parson: Yes!

Panel 3

In Thinkspace, Maggie and Parson yell at Isaac who gestures dismissively with a hand.[edit]

Isaac: So that... you may execute your... lack of a plan?

Parson: YES!

Maggie: YES!

Panel 4

Abner Washboard, Jojo, Sean and Dove look at the characters off panel. Abner is leaning low to speak to Jojo, who has his arms folded and a distant, serious look. Sean looks sullen and angry, Dove is a bit dismissive and slightly frowning.[edit]

Abner Washboard: They been thinkin' a while.

Jojo: Yes, they're negotiating.

Dove Barstool: They better not come out of it with a deal.

Sean Mattox[1] Carnymancer: We should just blast him while he's talking.

Panel 5

Downward shot of a close-eyed Parson and the Predictamancers In the stairs of Sizemore's tunnel to the Spacerock Portal. Marie has a calculating and mildly concerned look as she speaks to Phillip, who has a satisfied smile. Wanda looks piercingly at the off screen Carnymancers, Janis gapes a bit and looks very worried, with Sizemore just barely peeking from behind her. Carniac's turban can be seen in the back.[edit]

Marie: I don't like how those Connys ah looking. Stay close and watch them.

Phillip: Relax. He'll get through the door, you know that.

Marie: Yes, fine.
But in one piece, we don't know.

Panel 6

Upward shot of Marie looking ahead resolutely.[edit]
Marie: So we make sure. We take the hits for him, if it stots.
We give our lives if need be.

Panel 7

Shot of the Predictamancers and Parson from between Dove and Jojo, who frame the panel. Dove looks backwards impassively. Jojo is talking drably. Marie, Phillip, and Wanda are looking critically at the Carnies.[edit]
Jojo: No. Several reasons no.
Not least of which is that if we break neutrality first, we'll be the criminals.
As usual.
He's hard to enforce. We're all too easy.

Panel 8

Jojo is in front of Abner Washboard, who has his arms folded. Jojo has turned his head back and talks emotionlessly.[edit]
Jojo: Other reasons, in no particular order:
The Predictamancers are screening him, he's got that staff, and I can no longer fight this turn.

Panel 9

Aerial shot of the Predictamancers, Parson, the Thinkamancers, and Carnymancers. Abner Washboard is gesturing to Jojo, who is walking away. Dove seems surprised.[edit]

Abner Washboard: And he's a warlord...

Jojo: And he's a warlord.
Combat's his bag, not ours.

Dove: Then what can we do?

Panel 10

Dove, Sean, and Abner Washboard turn to look at Jojo, who is moving away from the portal to Spacerock. Jintao and Marie are looking at them from the background.[edit]
Jojo: Our specialties, of course. Stirring up trouble, roping a dope. You dodgers work the crowd.
Get 'em in a real lather.
Maybe they'll shoot him.

Panel 11

Jojo smirks and points backwards with a thumb. There are portals in the background and a tall white obelisk.[edit]
Jojo: We might not hook this mark.
We knew he was slippery.
But I got a gaff in mind, for when everybody's heading for the exits.


  1. ^Sean  "The Carnymancer in the brown suit and tie in Book 2 page 082 is Erfworld Kickstarter supporter Sean Mattox, whose generous pledge earned him the cameo as a caster in the Magic Kingdom." – WoT July 25th Newspost