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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

Ansom is lying close to the ground issuing orders. Wanda, Jack, and Lady Sylvia Lazarus are on wounded Dwagons in the air above. Jack is lying wounded by arrows. The Archon net team is also visible. A volley of arrows is visible behind the flyers.[edit]

Ansom: Land!

Get to ground!

Panel 2

Dwagons and Archons are seen in the distance behind a curtain of arrows. The nearby flyers are shown landing/ having landed. Indistinguishable Jetstone troops are scattered across the ground. Ansom is rising into a fighting stance across from Prince Ossomer who is already on guard.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Ansom.


You think you can best me?

Ansom: Haven't I always?

Prince Ossomer: Yes. Perhaps so.

Panel 3

In the background: Shocked Jetstone troops are lying on the ground, and Ansom's carpet floating idly.

Prince Tramennis is crouched, stuck under gum.

Prince Ossomer is charging wildly at Ansom with his arm cocked way back for a swing. Ansom is in a wide stance with his sword raised to protect his head.

Prince Tramennis: Oh here we go...

Prince Ossomer: But that...

was when you were a man!

Panel 4

Ansom preforms a block of Ossomer's sword. Ossomer's forte meets Ansom's foible. Ossomer manages to force the flat of Ansom's blade against his face.[edit]

Sound Effect: SMAKCS[1]

Ansom: Ach!

Panel 5

Prince Ossomer cocks his arm back for another swing. Ansom stands disoriented. Part of a pink Dwagon's head is seen in the not-too-distant background.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: To dust! Return!

Be free!

Panel 6

Wanda sits on the back of her pink Dwagon gripping the foible of Ossomer's sword with the Arkenpliers.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: No.

Sound Effect: gank[2]

Panel 7

Prince Ossomer stands with his arm raised, unable to swing his sword down. The head of Wanda's Dwagon can be seen behind him.[edit]
Prince Ossomer: Nrhh! [edit]

Panel 8

Ansom, wearing an expression of mingled anger and desperation, strikes Ossomer across the face with the pommel of his sword. Ossomer's eyes are closed and his teeth are gritted with pain as he falls backwards and to his right.[edit]
Sound Effect: PUMMEL[3] [edit]

Panel 9

Ansom stands over Ossomer's motionless body while Wanda and her dwagon hover nearby. Ansom looks over his shoulder at the archons who are gathered together on the ground, recovering from the arrow attack. A Jetstone soldier, previously knocked out in the surprise attack, begins to stir, looking up at his fallen leader.[edit]

Ansom: Net him and retreat!

Be quick!

Jetstone Warlord: Highness?

Panel 10

The assault party makes its way back across the bridge, walking on the ground as the airspace is not safe. Two archons lead the way, dragging Ossomer in a net. A third archon with an arrow in her shoulder follows, leading Jack's dwagon. Jack remains slumped forward in his saddle, motionless. Ansom directs traffic, his carpet hovering just off his shoulder. Two more archons, one in dance-fighting raiment, follow behind. Wanda and the red-headed warlord, still mounted on their dwagons but grounded in front of the bridge, hold off a couple of Jetstone warlords who have wakened and armed themselves. Scores of arrows litter the river and its near bank; dozens hover midair over the bridge where they have struck the hex boundary.[edit]
Ansom: Fall back! [edit]


  1. ^  According to the Urban Dictionary, smakcs (misspelling of 'smacks') is used when someone online beats another so soundly that it "rearranges the letters."
  2. ^  The term has multiple uses, but in this context it probably means the most widespread (off-the-web) usage, as slang for "to steal or snatch." Possibly a portmanteau of grab and yank.
  3. ^  To pummel is to strike repeatedly with the fists, or in a manner reminiscent of that action. Ansom isn't actually pummeling Ossomer. He strikes him once, seemingly with the pommel of his sword. Apparently "pommel" is a rare (possibly outdated) form of pummel. So either the joke here was missed or it is so doubly-woven as to come back on itself.