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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Tramennis puts a hand on Slately's shoulder. Pierce, Lloyd, and Ace are in a huddle with them. Lilith looks at the group with a smug smile.[edit]

King Slately: I must speak with Charlescomm.
Whatever else is –
Whatever I am.

Tramennis: Yes, of course.
Take the call, Sire.
I've a charge to assemble.

Panel 2

Tramennis grabs Lloyd by the lapels and shakes him, Lloyd looks guilty and grief striken. Pierce is in the background, wide eyed with surprise.[edit]

Tramennis: Lloyd! What have you done?

Lloyd: What have I done? What could I do?
What could I do?

Panel 3

Pierce explains diplomatically, and Ace chimes in to help Lloyd. Tramennis shouts in despair, still gripping a depressed Lloyd. Slately has his head down as he takes Charlie's Thinkagram.[edit]

Pierce: Everybody did the best they could up there, Your Highness. His Majesty insisted on fighting.

Ace: Yeah, Lloyd prob'ly saved the Kingdom.

Tramennis: Saved...
Saved for how long?

Panel 4

Just at the edge of the light in Thinkspace, Charlie takes the shape of a pale, scarred, and robed old man.[1][edit]
Charlie: King Slately.
It's been a while for you and me...
Although I did talk with your son Prince Tramennis this morning.

Panel 5

In Thinkspace, Slately looks up at an off panel Charlie.[edit]
Slately: I know. And we've done the work you requested, Charlie.
In fact, I did it personally.

Panel 6

Shot from behind and to the right of Slately. Just at the edge of the light in Thinkspace, Charlie has taken the shape of a man in an iron mask wearing a green robe.[2][edit]

Slately: We now stand in urgent need of immediate payment for those services, if you please.

Charlie: You don't look well, Your Highness.
You don't really look like yourself.

Panel 7

The glare of the Thinkspace light is growing brighter, and Slately, who is now looking a little lost and overwhelmed, starts to look pale and have his colors washed out.[edit]
Slately: Yes, I... just received some rather difficult news.
But that needn't concern you.

Panel 8

Charlie remains outside of the Thinkspace light, but his left hand is in the light as he points at an off panel Slately. Charlie now has the form of a white robed man with a large mustache.[3][edit]
Charlie: It was a joke. Cruel one, I'll admit. But I'm saying, let's not play games right now, King For a Day. Yes, I'm ready to help you.
I've saved Jetstone twice in this battle, and I'll do it again. But don't be cagey with me; time is short.
Yours, in particular.

Panel 9

A diagonally split panel. Slately has had most of the color washed out of him to an ivory white. He's changed physically to look like the King piece of Chess. In the lower half, Charlie has changed to a man wearing a black suit and sunglasses.[4][edit]

Slately: Then it is true. I am the double.
And you know...
How could you know?

Charlie: Yes it is true, and yes I do know, and this conversation will go much faster if you'll assume I know everything, and don't ask me how.
Did you read the dossier I sent you?

Panel 10

Upwards shot from behind, and to the right of Slately. He's changed further to look like the Bishop piece in chess. Charlie is again outside the Thinkspace light, he's now wearing a shiny black suit and has a black goatee.[5][edit]

Slately: On Stanley's Lord... Parson of Hamster?
Yes... Although I didn't find it compelling, or particularly remarkable.

Charlie: I was trying to spell it out for you. He's the real threat to Royal supremacy.
Not me. Not even Stanley or the Croakamancer.

Panel 11

Upward shot from behind and to the right of Slately, who now looks more like a generic chess piece. Charlie is still at the periphery of the Thinkspace light, and is now showing most of his upper chest, wearing a brown vest, and a large white hairdo.[6][edit]

Slately: That was not apparent from what you sent us.

Charlie: Is it apparent now that he has croaked you?
You and another of your sons? He's been very hard on the Jetstone clan, hasn't he?
That's no coincidence.

Panel 12

Charlie is now wearing a black and white striped suit, his hair is wild and green.[7] He's reaching his hand into the Thinkspace light, in an "offering a hand" gesture to an off panel Slately.[edit]
Charlie: He's about to wipe out your side if you don't do something about it.
Your Fate is already sealed.
When Jetstone's next turn starts, you will vanish.
But in a way, that frees you.
For this one day, you can change the Fate of the whole world.

Panel 13

Downward shot from above and to the left of Charlie. Slately has become a Pawn chess piece, looking vulnerable and pleading. Charlie now has green hair and a purple jacket.[8][edit]

Slately: What must I do? To save Jetstone?
Tell me, Charlie, and I will believe you.

Charlie: It's simple.

Panel 14

Closeup of Charlie's shadowed face in Thinkspace. His skin is bone white, he has red lipstick, medium length green hair, and a purple jacket.[edit]
Charlie: We kill the fat man. [edit]


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