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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Tramennis and Slately walk ahead of Pierce, Ace, and Lloyd as they leave a room. Tramennis has his hands on his hips, and Slately has tilted his head back to focus his Ruler Senses. Lloyd looks very depressed. There are knights in the room behind them.[edit]

Tramennis: The tower is down, and we're all out in the city, now? Then I'd say the paramount question becomes: how are we holding the garrison?
Who exactly have we got in there?

Slately: Oh.
Let me see...

Panel 2

Slately puts a hand to his temple and looks down, continuing to focus on his ruler senses. Ace looks stunned, Pierce is concerned, and Tramennis frowns.[edit]

Slately: Not many. Some sentry-type garrison units, dolls and such. But they are being hunted down and systematically eliminated.

Tramennis: That's all? Between us and fifteen hundred pairs of matching manacles?
No warlords at all in there?!

Slately: No... just one commander.
The Hat Magician.

Panel 3

Cubbins is unconscious and Incapacitated in a pocket of air under debris from the Tower of Jenga.[edit]

Ace (off panel): "Cubbins!!"

Slately (off panel): "Yes...
Incapacitated beneath the rubble, it seems.
Hidden from enemy sight."

Panel 4

Ace yells in obvious distress, startling Pierce. Tramennis assesses calmly, and Slately looks up at him wide-eyed.[edit]

Ace: We gotta go get him!

Tramennis: He is the only thread by which Jetstone hangs.
Yes, I've got to get a charge organized.
And you!

Panel 5

Tramennis rolls his eyes in contempt. Slately bows his head and closes his eyes. Pierce and Ace are in the background.[edit]

Tramennis: Get out of the city.
That's an order this time.
It was last time, too, as I recall...

Slately: Nay.

Panel 6

Slately smiles and takes a surprised Tramennis by the hand, leading him forward excitedly. Ace and Pierce smile and follow.[edit]
Slately: I've a better plan, Prince.
Come see our prize!

Panel 7

Lilith is tangled up in a net and tied to a Unipegataur, laughing hysterically. Tramennis looks shaken. Slately smiles grimly.[edit]

Slately: We wiped them from the airspace, save this one alone. It was glorious.
Your brother Ossomer turned. But he fell.

Lilith: Hahaha!

Tramennis: Did he!
Oh my.

Panel 8

Slately smiles happily and gestures to Lilith, who continues to laugh and kick her feet. Ace is looking at her curiously, while Tramennis listens to his father.[edit]

Slately: You recall Charlie's bounty.

Lilith: Heehee!

Slately: I shall call him now and redeem it, and it will redeem us.
With those Shmuckers I'll appoint you heir, and then retake my capital myself.

Lilith: *snrk* Bahaha!

Panel 9

Slately closes in on Lilith, leaning in threateningly. Lilith holds onto the net with her hands and smiles viciously at Slately. Tramennis' shoulder is visible.[edit]

Slately: Prisoner! What is this insolence in defeat?
Why do you laugh?

Lilith: Because... we weren't defeated.
We won!
Your body lies in state upon a rooftop.

Panel 10

Lilith manages to poke a hand through the net and point upwards triumphantly to a roof (and the inset panel). In the inset panel, Slately's corpse can be seen lying on a rooftop. The ditto of Slately looks unsurprised and tries to calm Tramennis. Tramennis is clearly upset and shocked.[edit]

Lilith: There!
See it?

Tramennis: Father!

Slately: Be at ease.
That is only my double.
Lloyd Elliott created it, and it expended itself nobly in the fight.

Panel 11

Closeup of Lilith smiling viciously through the net, clothing it with a hand.[edit]
Lilith: Hahaha!
King of four casters, and you don't know anything about their disciplines!
Do you?

Panel 12

Closeup of Tramennis' face, he's grappling with pain and shock as he talks to his father, off panel.[edit]
Tramennis: Father.
Doubles don't leave a body.

Panel 13

Slately is speechless, he turns to Lloyd who can only nod.[edit]

Slately: ...

Lloyd (sfx): *nod nod*

Slately: I...

Panel 14

Closeup of Slately, he looks disoriented and a little shocked. The edges of the frame are going black as he takes Charlie's call, going into Thinkspace.[edit]
Slately: Ch –
Charlie is calling me.