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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Closeup of the back of Don King's Doombat, flying above the roofless Atrium.[edit]

Don King (off screen, audible): "Bunny, you were watching that fight, too. Weren't you?"

Bunny (off screen, thinkagram): "Yeah, Don."

Panel 2

In Don King's office, he leans on the left side of his throne to speak to Bunny. He looks deeply troubled, and Bunny seems reserved but depressed. A picture of a smiling Queen Bea is in the background.[edit]

Don King: Closely?

Bunny (thinkagram): Mm-hm.

Don King: So you saw.
That double didn't fall, did he? That was the real Slately that croaked.

Panel 3

The sky above Charlescomm's capital city. There are three Archons flying around doing patrols. The Arkendish is glowing with blue sparkles.[edit]
Bunny (off screen, thinkagram): *sigh*
"Yeah. There was a lot of blasting in that fight.
But from where our bat was lookin', anybody coulda seen it."

Panel 4

Overhead view in Thinkspace. Maggie and Parson are talking while Isaac looks on.[edit]

Parson: This explains a lot, Maggie. It really does.
Half our conversations have been about Charlie. Or about putting me back into command.
And I was telling you I didn't want it... that I don't care...

Maggie: You do care, Lord. I am certain of it.

Panel 5

Parson narrows his eyes and glares at an off panel Maggie. The harsh glare of the Thinkspace light on his face.[edit]
Parson: Yeah– I do now. It's my job again!
I said if I had to lead, I'd put my ass on the line and take it seriously. Not just push people around like a game.
That's not what I'm talking about.

Panel 6

Parson starts yelling angrily and pointing an accusing finger at Maggie. Isaac continues to observe, neutral. Maggie doesn't flinch at the anger.[edit]
Parson: I'm saying you just did... like, mind control on your own Ruler to put me back in command.
And not for the good of the side, either!
For your secret... psionic wars, or whatever.

Panel 7

Parson turns to Isaac and narrows his eyes at him suspiciously.[edit]

Parson: And you're saying that's why I'm here in Erfworld at all?

Isaac: Mm. Well...
It is why we allowed the summoning spell to be created. Other parties had other interests.

Panel 8

Three part jagged panel with closeups of the faces of Parson, Isaac, and Maggie. Parson has a look of disgusted disbelief. Isaac keeps a neutral expression on. Maggie looks surprised at Isaac.[edit]

Parson: Great. How many prophecies am I fulfilling?

Isaac: Three.
Well, four.
We can discuss it all in detail, if you'll accept our protection.

Maggie: Headmaster, please!

Panel 9

The panel is split in halves. Maggie looks up hopefully at an off panel Parson. In the other half, Parson yells in frustration and with wide eyes.[edit]

Maggie: My Lord, it was for the good of the side.
Without your brilliance in command, Gobwin Knob fights with one hand tied behind our backs.
Now, I will see that you are allowed through this portal, so that you may execute your battle plan and save the day.

Parson: I don't have a plan!

Panel 10

Closeup of Maggie's open mouthed gape of shock at the revelation.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 11

Maggie moves closer to Parson, looking distraught and raising up her arms. Parson leans down a bit to see her near eye level. He looks angry and frustrated. Isaac stands unmoving.[edit]

Maggie: What?

Parson: I don't have any plan, Maggie. I'm just going there because we need a Chief Warlord bonus.
Because they've got one there.
It's a capital fight.

Panel 12

Closeup of Parson as he leans in closer to an off panel Maggie. The harsh light of Thinkspace casts shadows on his face as he scowls down at her. He's raised his right hand and points at himself with a thumb.[edit]
Parson: Now, a better way to do that would've been to promote somebody on the scene like I said to. Don't you think? [edit]

Panel 13

Maggie holds her hand to her chest and looks devastated and speechless. Parson whips his right hand horizontally, pointing at the void of Thinkspace. He yells, venting out all his anger and frustration.[edit]

Maggie: I...

Parson: My "brilliance" can't get me through a goddamned door today.

Maggie: Oh dear.