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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
Previous LIAB 84a Next LIAB 86 [edit]

Panel 1

In thinkspace, Maggie is running seemingly in place towards Parson and Isaac, who are both standing still and looking at her oddly. Parson seems mildly worried, holding a hand palm up while holding the Carnymancy Scroll and the Staff of Suckage both in his left hand. Isaac seems curious but unemotional.[edit]

SFX: Thinkedin[1]

Parson: Maggie, what are you doing? Why are you running in place?

Maggie: I apologize, Lord. I can't spare the attention to alter my... appearance at the moment.
I am... physically moving toward your position.

Panel 2

Downward shot from above and behind Parson's head in Thinkspace. He's looking at Maggie who has just painfully hit a beam in Sizemore's tunnel. She's still running "in place" though the tunnel is visible around her.[edit]

Parson: You're in the Magic Kingdom?

Maggie: In Sizemore's – ow!
... tunnel, yes.
Approaching you.

Panel 3

In Thinkspace, Parson looks down at an off panel Maggie in doubt. He points in the direction of an off panel Isaac.[edit]
Parson: The weirdness never ends.
Um, your friends are really going out of their way to be helpful here.
Please make them stop.

Panel 4

Maggie continues running in place, looking up at an off panel Parson. Isaac gestures calmly to Maggie with an open hand, wearing a neutral expression.[edit]

Maggie: I will!

Isaac: We wont.
Maggie, you must help him see it's not in his interests to pass through this portal.

Panel 5

In Thinkspace, Maggie is doing a full on sprint-in-place and giving an off panel Isaac an annoyed look.[edit]
Maggie: It's not in your interest to stand in his way, Headmaster!
Those who do so tend not to remain standing for long.
If you'd have–

Panel 6

Floor level shot of Maggie falling on her face in the tunnel Sizemore made in Portal Park.[edit]
SFX: faceplant[2] [edit]

Panel 7

In Thinkspace, Maggie gets up slowly to a kneeling position. Parson offers her a hand up, not realizing she's technically still pretty far away. Isaac observes.[edit]

Parson: Are you okay?

Maggie: Emblematic of the day.
Yes, I'm fine.

Panel 8

Maggie walks forward with a commanding expression in Thinkspace. The light from above is framing her.[edit]
Maggie: Headmaster Isaac, Lord Parson is meant to command.
If you do not allow him to command, then what exactly is the point?

Panel 9

Maggie addresses Isaac in Thinkspace, she looks annoyed at Isaac's opposition and walks commandingly towards him and Parson, who looks impassive. The scene is skewed oddly, as though Isaac and Parson are at an angle while Maggie is horizontal.[edit]

Isaac: We do understand that, Maggie, and we would let him pass. But going through the portal this way will put him in grave danger.

Maggie: So? He is a warlord!

Isaac: And it will violate the Magic Kingdom's neutrality –

Maggie: Irrelevant!

Isaac: And casters will have to respond. They are responding already, as you'll see when you get here.
There will be an enforcement council. It will complicate matters.

Panel 10

Overhead shot in Thinkspace, Maggie keeps walking while looking witheringly at Isaac. Parson is reacting and seems surprised and alarmed at what Maggie is saying.[edit]

Maggie: Isaac, you know what this man is.

Parson: Does he?

Maggie: And you know what he has to do. So let him!

Parson: Wait. What am I? What do I have to do?

Panel 11

In Thinkspace, Isaac frowns as he looks up at an off panel Parson. Maggie is horrified and gapes at what Isaac is saying.[edit]

Isaac: As I said, Chief Parson. You must defeat our mutual enemy, Charlie. It's why you were summoned.
You're perhaps the only one who can, and he knows this.

Maggie: You expressly told him so?!

Panel 12

Under the harsh glare of the Thinkspace light, Parson glares down at an off panel Maggie.[edit]
Parson: Um...
You expressly knew?

Panel 13

Half in Thinkspace and half in the tunnel, Maggie tumbles forward on an uneven wood plank, hands up and spread out. Parson looks on, unmoving.[edit]
SFX: tumbl.[3] [edit]

Panel 14

Floor level shot of Maggie, who has fallen at Parson's feet. Two blue birds[4] float above her head, Looney Tunes style. Parson is scowling down at Maggie.[edit]
Maggie: Oww, my face[5] [edit]


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