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Turn Number:NA AW
Side's Turn:Unknown

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Panels: 5
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Panel 1

Jack and Parson are in Gobwin Knob's War Room. Jack is at the table where enemy and ally pieces are laid, projecting dragons and other shapes over a city. Parson is sitting on a couch, holding his Eyebook in his lap with a hand on his forehead. The book is projecting a 3D Hamstard.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 2

The right page of Parson's Eyebook, there's a Hamstard cartoon, he looks peeved.[edit]

On Hacking in Erfworld

Had an interesting discussion with Maggie a few days ago. Didn't feel like writing about it til now, because it was about information security.

So, Charlie hacked the eyebooks. I wasn't too happy about that when it happened in battle, but at least he was up front about it. I mean if I could tap a side's communications like that, I'd probably just shut up and snoop them. He could've sent me a thinkagram, so obviously he wanted me to know he could do that. Why?

I really don't know. Either he was trying to get me to trust him, or he wanted to intimidate me. Maybe both—he's a power gamer. He failed at both, tho.

Anyway the question of just how hacked these things are came up last week. We're assuming he's just tapping the Thinkamancy line when they're used to send and receive. But maybe he's got full admin access to everything, we don't know. I've been using them for all my notes, and I didn't know if that was stupid or not. They're just so easy to use, and the alternative's to write in books from the library with a fuckin quill pen.

I guess the truth is, I don't much care. I have no intention of leading another battle. Wanda's doing fine. Ansom's doing fine. Gobwin Knob doesn't need me. And anyway, all I'm writing about is the crazy shit Jack and I are trying in the battle room. Who cares about that?

Well, maybe Charlie would. Maybe I shouldn't give him any ideas.

But last week I wanted to write something personal.

Panel 3

Hamstard panel. He looks peeved.[edit]
Something I didn’t want Charlie reading. And it made me ask Jack what he thought about the security of eyebooks, since he created them in the link with Maggie and Misty. He said he could barely remember doing it. I don’t think he likes to think about the link-up. It messed him up like hard drugs. [edit]

Panel 4

Hamstard Panel. He's half turned away, he looks peeved.[edit]

So I asked Maggie, and she immediately got weird about it. Had like a twinkle in her eye, like she’d been waiting for me to ask this question. We talked about Charlie’s hack, which took her by surprise. She didn’t really know how the books work, either. I guess you forget a lot of what happens in a link-up, like your brain can’t think in 4 dimensions anymore or something.

I asked both of them if they’d be willing to link up again and check out the books for security holes. They were actually both really interested in doing it. They did that yesterday, and came out of the link just fine. Maggie said she didn’t think they’d been compromised, but maybe Charlie had tried. She made some changes. She said, “It was the right sort of question to ask.”

Jack, on the other hand, did something amazing to this thing. Now I can project 3-D models with it, instead of having to describe them to him. It’s not quite the old battle map, but the strategy sessions go even better now.

Hamstard: Ash/Misty shipping is hell of a drug, too.
Leads to terrible things.

Panel 5

Hamstard panel. He looks peeved.[edit]
Hamstard: And when he leaves the room...
Release the mudkipz!