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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (83)
Panel by panel (83:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 83.jpg
LIAB 84.jpg

Panels: 11
Previous LIAB Text 56 Next LIAB 84 [edit]

Panel 1

The decrypted archon Norma Jean is getting shot through the chest by Slately's Ray Gun, she yells for help as she dissolves outward from the blast. Another archon is veiling herself, and she turns to look sadly at Norma Jean. Archons are scattering to escape the arrows of the mounted archers.[edit]

Norma Jeane: Help![1]

Slately: Pew.
Puh-pew pew.

Archon: I'm sorry.
Goodbye, Norma Jeane.

Panel 2

Ace turns to talk to Slately, Lilith is caught and bound on the side of his Unipegataur. Slately turns to address him, unconcerned.[edit]

Ace: They're scattering.

Slately: Stay in formation.
We will give chase once Pierce has healed the wounded.

Panel 3

Shot from near the stairway bottom. Jojo stands in front of the Portal to Spacerock, speaking to the crowd of Thinkamancers and Predictamancers. Parson stand directly ahead of him.[edit]

Parson: Jojo, why are you so worried about it?
I thought Carnymancers were all about breaking the rules, right?

Jeftichew: I told you what rule you should break, Lord of the Hamsters.
We went to great trouble to supply you with the means to defy your Fate.

Panel 4

Upward shot of Parson. He's looking ahead with a hard expression, and he point down at the ground to emphasize his point.[edit]
Parson: Yeah, well.
Even if I believed you about the ruby slippers, I can't do it.
There's a lot more people depending on me here than in Ohio.

Panel 5

Downward shot from above the Portal of Spacerock. Parson talks to Jojo in front of the rest of the casters with an amused look. Marie looks up at him, smiling. Isaac stands a bit confused. A caster in a striped purple robe and red jacket walks by.[2][edit]

Parson: What am I gonna do? Go home, sit on the couch and flip channels while my friends fight in a war?
I got people dying over there right now. I gotta go through.

Marie: Precisely right.

Parson: If I even still have a couch...

Isaac: Home!
Ohio... ?

Panel 6

Ground level shot from the streets of Spacerock. Slately and his stack are targeting an individual decrypted archon, trying to dust her.[edit]
Slately: That one now!
Scrape them from our skies!

Panel 7

Ace holds his crossbow ready, he's yelling with a bit of an edge of panic in his expression. Stanley leads and points out targets he's smiling triumphantly.[edit]

Ace: I'm out of targets. Where are the rest?

Slately: They are veiled.
But I can spot them!
These items are astonishingly useful.

Panel 8

Phoebe "stands" still and turns her head with a very worried expression towards the approaching Slately and his stack. Her veil has been rendered see through.[edit]
Slately: I ought to've heeded your counsel, Dollamancer. That shall change.
Indeed, much will change.
But for now, follow. I shall identify them.

Panel 9

Parson pulls out the carnymancy scroll. Tisha and A.V. Club look shocked. Isaac looks at it, worried. Jojo turns his head and rolls his eyes, taking offense.[edit]

Parson: Yeah, home. He gave me this.
Is it legit?

Jeftichew: 'Course it is.

Isaac: What...
Unroll it, let me see.

Jeftichew: Why does everyone ask that?

Panel 10

Parson has the Carnymancy scroll unrolled in front of the Thinkamancers. Isaac and Tisha look at the scroll with narrowed, suspicious eyes. Empress Saltina looks mildly astonished.[edit]
Isaac: Jojo... [edit]

Panel 11

Parson has rerolled the Carnymancy scroll. Tisha gives a glare at Jojo, while Jojo himself looks angry with a clenched fist. A.V. Club and Empress Saltina are in the background. Isaac is using a Thinkagram to communicate with Parson, while the comic panel itself is shadowed at the peripheral edge.[edit]
Isaac: Chief Warlord, this is why you must submit to our protection and come with us.
The spell may do what he claims. Or destroy you.
Either way, our mutual enemy Charlie crafted it specifically to eliminate you.


  1. ^Norma  The archon being blasted visually resembles Marilyn Monroe, whose real name was Norma Jean Mortenson. Additionally, the line "Goodbye, Norma Jean" is the opening line to the song "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John.
  2. ^Zulf  The caster passing by in the upper right is Zulf, from the video game Bastion.