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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (82)
Panel by panel (82:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 82.jpg
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Panels: 13
Previous LIAB 81 Next LIAB Text 56 [edit]

Panel 1

Closeup of a "surprised" Phillip and the smiling blond Predictamancer, they notice an angry looking Tracy and Jojo approaching.[edit]

Tracy: Excuse me...

Phillip: Oh, pardon us.
Getting crowded.

Panel 2

Phillip and the other Predictamancers walk smugly into the staircase to make room for the approaching Carnymancers and Tracy. The Great Minds are left to deal with the Carnies and Tracy, Isaac looks frustrated.[edit]

Phillip: We'll make some room for you.

Isaac: Hold on just a moment.

Tracy: The word is, that warlord is back.

Jeftichew (offscreen): He is!

Panel 3

Cast shot from ground level of Abner, Jojo, Sean, and Dove. They pose menacingly and look like they meet business.[edit]
Jeftichew: And he wants to go through this portal.
To attack an enemy city, off-turn!

Panel 4

Downward shot from the roof of Gobwin Knob's Portal Room. Stanley is berating Maggie, who looks chagrined. Zhopa is leaning against the stone table and looking away at the door to the room. Zhopa's shadow is on the table, and the Portal illuminates Maggie and Stanley, placing their shadows on the table as well.[edit]

Maggie: Lord, perhaps it would be better for me to go there in person. The situation is increasingly complex.

Stanley: No. I don't wanna have all four of my casters and my Chief Warlord in the Magic Kingdom at the same time.
It's too risky.

Panel 5

Closeup of Maggie, she's clasping her hands to her chest and looks absolutely sincere as she begs Stanley for understanding. Her pale complexion is lit green from the Portal's light.[edit]
Maggie: But I can help him, Lord. Please.
The battle is going against us.
Time is very tight.

Panel 6

Upwards looking closeup of Stanley from his waist level. He's got a very stern look as he consider's Maggie's words. The portal's light makes him seem slightly green.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 7

Stanley leans forward, still upset. Maggie has her hands to her chest and she's got a prominent sad frown despite his approval. Zhopa's back is squarely in the middle behind the stone table.[edit]

Stanley: Arright, but if it all goes bad, I'm blaming you. Understand?

Maggie: Yes, Lord.
Thank you, Lord.

Panel 8

The Great Minds are arrayed in front of the Portal to Spacerock, Jojo's posse is to the right, and Phillip is ahead of the Predictamancers and Parson at the top of the stairs.[edit]

Isaac: Yes, well we're not going to let that happen.

Phillip: Sure you are! I so Predict it.
And we're here to help him do it.

Panel 9

Tracy raises an eyebrow in confusion. Jojo, Abner, and Sean are smirking triumphantly and posturing.[edit]

Tracy: ... Help him?

Jeftichew: Rethink it, friend. We came here to stop him.
We're spreading the alarm all over the island.

Panel 10

Shot from behind Isaac and Tisha, Isaac is looking left towards an off panel Jojo. Parson is climbing the stairs and gives Isaac a wilting glare. Parsons sudden movement surprises Phillip, who looks up.[edit]

Isaac: That isn't necessary. He's under our protection.

Parson: No, I'm not.
N'you should move aside now, Isaac.

Panel 11

Maggie is cautiously climbing the steps in the Portal Room, she turns to look at Stanley who is yelling upset and snapping his fingers.[edit]

Stanley: Don't think I wouldn't disband a caster!
If I think you're pulling something fishy, I'll do it like that. Don't test me.


Panel 12

Stanley has his eyes closed and sports a big, supportive grin as he waves open palmed to an off-panel Maggie. Zhopa is turning his head to look at the scene.[edit]
Stanley: And, uh... Maggie.
Good luck!

Panel 13

Upward shot from just above Zhopa's head and looking down at a pleased looking Stanley. His eyes are closed, and he's got a happy smirk as he gestures with an open palm up. Zhopa looks mildly upset as he replies noncommittally.[edit]

Stanley: See, ya gotta encourage your people.
That's a big part of leadership.
That went really well, I think.

Zhopa: Mm.