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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (81)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 10
Previous LIAB 80 Next LIAB 82 [edit]

Panel 1

In Gobwin Knob's Portal Room, Stanley is chastising Maggie. She holds her hands in front of her while Stanley yells up at her angrily. Zhopa is behind the stone table, looking at a far wall.[edit]

Maggie: He has been detained at the enemy portal, Lord. And I'm to blame for it.

Stanley: Oh!
That's great, Thinkamancer!
The battle's happening, you know that, don't you?

Panel 2

In Gobwin Knobs Portal Room, Stanley flaps his hand dismissively at Maggie who continues to look anxious. Zhopa is behind the stone table and is now looking at the door out.[edit]

Stanley: We're losing all our guys! Wanda's not there, Hamster's not there. All my casters are in the Magic Kingdom, except you. So what the flaming, flying... flipping...

Maggie: I am trying to negotiate, but my juice is low.

Stanley (uninterrupted): flapping...

Panel 3

Upwards shot from ground level as Stanley stops in his tirade and turns to ask Zhopa a question. Zhopa turns to look back, a small frown on his brow. We can see Maggie's legs and hands.[edit]

Stanley: Zhopa, what's a good curse word that starts with "f?"

Zhopa: Don't know any, Overlud.

Panel 4

Aerial shot of Portal Park, many individual casters continue to walk around on their own business, some are watching the scene unfold[1]. Parson, Wanda, Marie, and Jack are talking at the foot of the stairs to Spacerock's Portal. The Great Minds That Think Alike and Predictamancers are clustered around the exit of the tunnel. Janis and Sizemore stand on the stairs between them and Parson's group. A small group of Carnymancers led by Jojo is approaching. It consists of Dove, Abner, and Sean.[edit]

Parson: Whaddya mean? How could he turn? Decrypted can turn?

Wanda: It seems.

Panel 5

Upwards shot from the foot of the stairs Sizemore dug in Portal Park. Parson and Wanda are looking down at the Arkenpliers in her grip. Parson seems to be coldly analyzing them, Wanda looks at them as if she doesn't recognize them. A red portal is peeking up in the background.[edit]

Parson: That would've been good to know, Wanda. Did we lose anyone else?

Wanda: No. Not yet.

Panel 6

Upwards shot from the foot of the stairs Sizemore dug in Portal Park. Wanda is clearly upset, yelling up at Parson who continues to look analytical as he holds his right palm open to the sky. At ground level and in the background, two casters in red and blue robes are walking in the background; a green and yellow portal frame the panel.[edit]

Parson: Well are we going to? Did this happen because you're here, with the 'pliers?

Wanda: I don't know, Lord Parson.
It is new to me as well!

Panel 7

Face level closeup shot of Wanda as she stands near Parson, we can only see his chest and arm. Wanda looks downward in doubt. In the background and at ground level we can see Jojo, Sean, Abner, and Dove are walking towards them.[edit]
Wanda: I didn't think it possible. It's... very distressing.
I don't know what else may be possible.

Panel 8

Downward shot of Parson, Wanda, Jack, and Marie standing on the tunnel stairs. Jack looks down at Parson with a neutral expression. Parson looks off panel at the Predictamancers. Marie answers Parson without looking, a smile on her face.[edit]

Jack: My good Lord, we are attracting more people. They look as if they may be carrying opinions.

Parson: Okay, this is going pear-shaped. Marie, are those your friends?

Marie: Yes, Wahload.

Panel 9

The Predictamancers and Great Minds are in front of the Portal to Spacerock. A grinning Phillip brings his pet groundhog close to Isaac, who seems to dislike the furry critter. Tisha smiles at the scene, while Roger and Jintao frown disapprovingly. The Predictamancer triplets patterned after the Weird Sisters hover merrily in the background.[edit]

Parson (offscreen): Can you get 'em over here, please?

Marie (offscreen): Obsolutely.

Panel 10

Parson turns his head to the portal, a focused, determined look on his face as he rests his hand on his sword. A couple of casters near a green portal look at him in the background.[edit]
Parson: Good. And stack 'em up.
Let's just get me into this battle right now.


  1. ^casters  here's the identified references for casters in this scene so far:
    1. The guy in green with the red head in a long coat: Prof Tournesol and Tintin from the Adventures of Tintin.
    2. Big round red guy: Eggman from Sonic the Hedgehog.
    3. Group of four hooded casters: the wizards from the game Magicka.
    4. Kid with the red hat: Possibly Ash Ketchum from Pokemon, possibly Max from Mighty Max (it looks like he's with Brock, but the shirt doesn't match).