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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

Downward shot of Slately, Ace, and Lloyd flying tightly together. Slately has his arms wide and looks at Ace as he explains his plan. Lloyd sadly frowns at Slately.[edit]

Slately: That gives me some courage!

Ace: Sire?

Slately: That double. It was just like me in every respect, and it gave itself for Jetstone.

Panel 2

Pierce, Ace, and Lloyd are mounted on unipegataurs and listening closely to Slately. Other mounted archers and unipegataurs are engaging and screening the group from decrypted archons.[edit]
Slately: We must strike now while they are in disarray, before they can regroup.
Charlie's bounty on these painted trollops may be our side's salvation!
Assuredly so, if we only had some means of capture.

Panel 3

Ace Hardware discusses his plans with King Slately, as a battle rages in the background between the Archons and the unipegataurs.[edit]
Ace: I do, Highness!
I made one.
Per Prince Ossomer's directive.

Panel 4

King Slately commands Ace Hardware forward into battle against the archons, as both Ace and Lloyd are on the backs of unipegataurs.[edit]

Slately: Ha! Show it to me, Dollamancer!

Ace Hardware: Affirmative, Sire!

Slately: Go! Attack!

Panel 5

Ace smiles joyously as he delivers some clumsy Rhymeomancy, he wields his large crossbow as his unipegataur surges forward and up. Slately watches him fly off, Lloyd is on a unipegataur below, and a mounted archer is targetting a decrypted archon.[edit]
Ace: Ace is on the case!
Yeah. Gonna join the chase, gonna... get in their face.

Panel 6

The panel is divided into three sub-panels. In the top right Ace chases some decrypted archons on his unipegataur. In the second the unipegataur dives and throws its spear at an archon, another is dusted by an arrow. The third archon, Lilith, shoots but it gets blocked by the unipegataur's shield. In the third panel, Lilith is getting enveloped from a net shot by Ace, having turned back in the saddle to get a clear shot.[edit]
Ace: Get in the, um, race...
Save this whole place.
Rock their, uh... face!

Panel 7

Lilith is getting tangled by the net in midair, she looks pained as the net tightens. Ace is smiling broadly at his success from the back of the unipegataur.[edit]

Ace: And I'm gonna save that big ol' Rock called Space!


Ace: Woohoo!

Panel 8

Lilith looks pissed as she's secured to the side of the unipegataur. Ace's leg is visible.[edit]
Ace: I got one, King! [edit]

Panel 9

Slately grins triumphantly, hands clenched and arms held wide. Pierce is mounted on a unipegataur and smiles, satisfied.[edit]
Slately: Great Titans...
This is what it is like to be alive!

Panel 10

Decrypted Archons engage Jetstone Unipegataurs, while King Slately lies croaked on the rubble of the roof of a building. A doombat, likely Don King's appears to be observing the events.[edit]
No text. [edit]