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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

Surrounded by a ring of collapsed Jetstone warlords, their maroon capes sprawled about them, golden helmets spilled across the ground, princes Ossomer and Tramennis stand back to back, ready for action. Above them, an invisible Ansom hovers on his flying carpet.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Ansom!

This is how you fight? Hidden by Foolery?

If Father could see you now, he would croak of shame.

Panel 2

Back to back, Ossomer and Tramennis prepare for action. Tramennis' steely blue eyes scan the sky, and Ossomer raises his left arm.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: I'd settle for seeing him now, myself...

Prince Ossomer: Yes, well...

We'll see him soon enough.

Panel 3

Tramennis and Ossomer stand ready as an invisible Wanda Firebaugh hovers nearby on a dwagon that is blowing a huge bubble gum bubble.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: He'll have to strike, before the Shockmancy wears off.

Prince Tramennis: I don't know.

I might expect more tricks first.

A small blind[1], or a-

Panel 4

Now quite visible, the pink bubble gum bubble has trapped Tramennis, while Ossomer, looking the other way, drops his jaw in shock.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Blow pop!![2]

Prince Tramennis: Ossommph!

Panel 5

With the radish tents of their camp in the background, their caped, golden-armored troops sprawled about them, Ossomer and Tramennis are in trouble. Tramennis is anchored to the ground with sticky, pre-chewed pink bubble gum, and Ossomer turns to him. Above float an invisible Wanda Firebaugh and dwagon and Ansom on his carpet, sword drawn.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Dnn't hmmf!

Prince Tramennis: Don't help!

Prince Tramennis: Stay on guard!

Panel 6

The Jetstone warlord points his finger off-panel as rows of Jetstone archers draw and aim their bows. The dittomancer looks on. Above them, illusory dwagons and warlords circle.[edit]

Jetstone Warlord: Veiled flyers are hitting the Princes' stack!

I want an overhead volley![3]

Jetstone Warlord: Toward the bridge!

Jetstone Warlord: Set!


Panel 7

The grey-haired Jetstone warlord scowls at the dittomancer, who grins back.[edit]

Jetstone Warlord: And double those arrows, Caster.

Jetstone Dittomancer: Double 'em?

Double 'em!

Panel 8

The invisible Ansom hovers over the trapped Tramennis and the wary Ossomer, who holds his left arm up and out as he scans the sky, his sabre clutched in his right hand. From a distant point, a cloud of arrows arc up into the air toward the brothers.[edit]
Jetstone Dittomancer: (off camera) I'll quadruple 'em. [edit]

Panel 9

A flurry of arrows rains down, and the displacement spell is broken as an arrow strikes Jack Snipe in the back. Two more strike his mount near him. He, his blue dwagon, and an archon all become visible. The archon buckles as she is struck by arrows, and begins to turn to dust.[edit]

Sound Effect: PCP[5]

Jack Snipe: Eeyah!

Panel 10

Newly visible, Ansom is startled as he looks at Ossomer's raised fist.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Aha!


Panel 11

Ansom is knocked off his carpet by a beam of yellow light. Behind him, archons try to dodge the incoming arrows as Lady Sylvia Lazarus on a blue dwagon frantically swats them down with her sword.[edit]
Sound Effect: TELEFORCE[7] [edit]


  1. ^  In poker, a blind is a bet made before any cards are dealt, and generally acts as a minimum bet both to begin play and for successive betting rounds. Blinds are only laid by some players, rather than all, as is the case with an ante. A small blind is made by the player before the large blind, and is generally half the value of the large blind. The purpose of these bets is to ensure some money is staked on every hand and to motivate play by the blinds.
  2. ^  Blow Pops are lollipops with bubblegum centers, and are produced by the candy company Charms.
  3. ^  The reference to a volley (of arrows) leads to the volleyball references in 'Set' and 'Serve'
  4. ^  PCP is a drug that goes under the name "angel dust," among others.
  5. ^  Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor well known for his work with electricity.
  6. ^  The "death ray" that Tesla claimed to have invented.