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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (79)
Panel by panel (79:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
Previous LIAB 78 Next LIAB 80 [edit]

Panel 1

Ace gasps in shock, mouth open as he asks Slately for orders. Slately is furious, looking down to where Ossomer fell. In the background, five decrypted archons have unrolled the flying carpet and used Foolamancy to write "Hahaha!" on it, one flies underneath in a pose mimicking laying on the ground, and gestures to the words with an open palm up.[edit]

Ace: Cubbins, and now Prince Ossomer... Sire, what–

Slately: You see there! This is what we fight against!

Archon's Playing with the Carpet: Hahaha

Panel 2

Slately breaks with his stack and flies towards the decrypted archons, shooting his Ray Gun in rage. The archons dodge with ease and amused expressions, his anger is playing straight into their hands. Lloyd is casting a Dittomancy spell on Slately, creating blue swirls of magic above him. Mounted unipegataurs are flying in the background.[edit]

Lloyd: Double bind, double trouble, Double blind, double bubble...

Slately: This baseness!

Lloyd: Sire!
Sire, wait.

Panel 3

Slately's grip on the Ray Gun is being wrested by a decrypted archon. He is gripping her arm as she takes the ray gun off of him, though it shoots just above and to the right above her head, barely missing and hitting the Flying carpet instead. A chocolate complexioned archon is holding the flying carpet, casually observing and fluffing her hair.[edit]

Slately: This falseness!

Lloyd: Wait!

Panel 4

Jetstone's mounted casters and archers are trying to reach Slately to help him. Ace looks back at Lloyd with a panicked look on his face, reaching out to him for help. Lloyd puts his left hand to his mouth to yell back at Ace, looking worried as he continues to cast his Dittomancy spell. In the background Slately continues to wrestle with the decrypted archon in front of the Flying carpet, the mix of his Ray Gun's yellow blasts and Lloyds blue spell is filling the area with light.[edit]

Slately: Titans... pew! Made us... BETTER than that!
Pew pew.

Ace: Lloyd! Help him!

Lloyd: I am, I am!
Double checker, double space, Double decker, double face...

Panel 5

Slately wins the grapple and breaks free, managing a devastating shot through the blond decrypted archon's torso, sending her flying backwards as she disintegrates. The chocolate complexioned archon looks on in shock and moves back to avoid the blast. An archon atop the Flying carpet looks down angrily, the carpet now has a large hole in it from where Slately shot it.[edit]
Slately: Better than YOU!

Panel 6

Slately smiles victoriously as he aims his Ray Gun at the chocolate complexioned decrypted archon behind the frame. He hasn't noticed that the other archons have let go of the Flying carpet, which flutters off, and surrounded him with glowing energy blasts ready to fire. In the background, an archon is shooting at a unipegataur who is blocking with his shield.[edit]
Slately: Ha!

Panel 7

A shot from Ace's viewpoint below Slately as he's hit from multiple directions by energy blasts. He was aiming at the chocolate complexioned decrypted archon who has her arms up and a satisfied smile on her face as he's hit. Ace is reaching up with an arm but didn't get to Slately in time.[edit]
SFX: REGEDIT[1] [edit]

Panel 8

Downward shot of a blond decrypted archon as she takes aim at the unipegataur that Ace Hardware is mounted on. He looks up at her angry but defenseless, his shield is too low to block her headshot. Ace is looking down at the falling body of Slately. The Ray Gun is falling near him, and some Jetstone infantry are massed in the far background of the city.[edit]

Ace: No!

Archon: Not quicker, King!

Panel 9

Slately's ditto shoots the blond decrypted archon point blank in the back of the head, from a position flying just above and behind her. He's got a smug expression; the archon's smug grin remains on her face as her head turns to ash.[edit]

Slately: No...


Slately: Better!!

Panel 10

Slately's ditto shoots another decrypted archon point blank in the head, a triumphant smile plastered on his face. In the background, a unipegataur dusts an archon by slashing her head off from behind. Lloyd looks up at Slately, surprised. Some archons and mounted Archers are engaged in the background.[edit]
Slately:Twice as good, in actual fact!

Panel 11

Slately turns his head to look back at Lloyd, with a very pleased smile. Lloyd, mounted on a unipegataur that is scanning for threats, can't help but look a bit distracted and nervous.[edit]

Slately: Well done, duplicating me this way, Dittomancer!

Lloyd: S- sure.


  1. ^Regedit  Regedit.exe is a program in Windows that allows users to view, search for, and change settings in the system registry. It's also superficially similar to the term "regicide", killing a king.
  2. ^ zzirGrizz  This is a reference to an Xbox 360 player with the handle zzirGrizz. He's famous for no scoping enemies (no scoping is shooting a sniper rifle unzoomed, then whipping around to do the same to another enemy nearby)[3]