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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (78)
Panel by panel (78:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 78.jpg
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Panels: 12
Previous LIAB 77 Next LIAB 79 [edit]

Panel 1

Three decrypted archons in stewardess suits are zooming towards the camera. A fourth is flying in place and pointing decisively ahead, looking ahead with a decisive gaze.[edit]
Blonde Stewardess Archon: Prioritize, Associates! Get on that leadership, and start with the traitor!
C'mon, this is the bellweather engagement of the entire war!
Don't tank it now!

Panel 2

The three decrypted archons from are engaging archers mounted on unipegataurs. A blond archon is reading a blast at a unipegataur about to throw a spear at her. A brunette has hit a unipegataur square in the chest and is moving to dodge. Another blond is shooting at a unipegataur farther away, though he manages to block the shot with a shield. This archon is about to get clawed by an orly. Three more mounted unipegataurs are in the background.[edit]
Orly: FTW! [edit]

Panel 3

An Archon, Lilith, argues with Ossomer about his disloyalty to Wanda.[edit]

Lilith: Ossomer, what are you doing over there?

Orly: FML!

Lilith: You can't fight against Mistress Wanda, we all owe her our lives!

Panel 4

Ossomer gestures wildly with his arms open wide, and shouts in outrage. Slately flys in place behind him. Pierce is mounted on a unipegataur behind them, an orly and other mounted archers fly nearby.[edit]
Ossomer: Not so! My life, she first took from me! I owe her nothing.
I bear her no love!
It is to Jetstone that I owe my life. Now come and take it if you so dare!

Panel 5

Five decrypted archons fly nearby and rally, cocking their arms and ready to shoot. Lilith and her cohort have wily smiles as they plot how to deal with Ossomer.[edit]

Archon 1: This is a Rule 9, if I've ever seen one.

Lilith: Ha! Yeah.

Archon 2: Swarm.

Panel 6

Closeup and underneath shot of the decrypted archons as they fly fast without shooting towards Ossomer. He's raised his saber and is ready to swing. The rest of Jetstone's flyers are behind him.[edit]
Charlie's Past Words of Wisdom: Charlie's Rule #9:
If they swing, make 'em miss.

Panel 7

The decrypted archons dodge and all fly underneath the flying carpet Ossomer is on, much to his surprise. An archon in the distance is engaged with an orly.[edit]
Charlie's Past Words of Wisdom: If they flee... [edit]

Panel 8

Ossomer, sword in hand, starts to fall as King Slately and assorted unipegataurs look on in dismay.[edit]
Charlie's Past Words of Wisdom: ...make 'em run somewhere worse. [edit]

Panel 9

Ossomer is falling head forward the unipegataurs are reaching for him but he's fallen too far already. Slately reaches for him, but Pierce holds him back with a hand on his shoulder.[edit]
Charlie's Past Words of Wisdom: But if they just stand there... [edit]

Panel 10

Closeup of a blond decrypted archon holding the stolen flying carpet. She's got a malicious, satisfied smile as she speaks.[edit]
Archon: Pull the rug out from under 'em! [edit]

Panel 11

The inset panel is a closeup of Ossomer face with a numb, oddly calm expression as he gazes unflinchingly at the ground. The main panel shows him rushing closer to the ground, some infantry and two warlords on the ground take notice and rush forward. Unipegataur hands can be seen reaching for him.[edit]
Ossomer: Going...
... home.[1]

Panel 12

Tramennis lies incapacitated on a stone table in a chamber with three knights nearby. Two infantrymen are guarding the entrance. They all turn in shock and look as Ossomer hits the ground and explodes into a cloud of ashes.[edit]
SFX: GNSP[2] [edit]


  1. ^Home  "Going home" is a nod to the sad song of Major Tom by Peter Schilling
  2. ^GNSP  GNSP is an acronym for "Good Night Sweet Prince", spoken by Horatio in Shakespeare's play Hamlet.