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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Three archons evaluate strategy and fly toward the stacked defenders of Jetstone.[edit]

Charlotte: Emily, Anne... let's get in there.
It's worth it if we can engage with that King even briefly.

Anne: Okay, Charlotte![1]

Panel 2

Three archons (Charlotte, Emily and Anne) (dressed as 60's flight attendants and 50's poodle-skirted "soc"-es) are talking, planning their attack upon King Slately and Ossomer's flight group.[edit]
Charlotte: Easy now, pick your approach.
We only get one.

Panel 3

Prince Ossomer, riding a flying carpet, encourages the Jetstone troops, including several orlys and unipegataurs, as he provides a flying bulwark with King Slately.[edit]
Ossomer: Hold fast until they close, then give them everything we have! [edit]

Panel 4

The Dollamancer Ace Hardware reminds King Slately re the details of the spells that he has cast upon the kings raiment.[edit]

Ace: Sire!
Remember the trigger word!

Slately: So you said, Dollamancer.

Panel 5

The battle in the airspace gets intense. Decrypted Archons zoom in to engage. A unipegataur raises his shield to block an incoming blast, while the Archer mounted on it aims an arrow at an Archon below. In the background, an archon manages to hit a unipegataur square in the chest, while another unipegataur luckily blocks an archon's blast. Ossomer is on his flying carpet, directing Jetstone's forces. A few archers mounted on unipegataurs take potshots at Archons. An Orly flies above.[edit]
Anne: Now. [edit]

Panel 6

A Decrypted Archon is hit and begins to fall, while another one in the foreground is despairing and reaches for her, unable to save her due to the distance. An archon in the distance heads straight into the massed Jetstone flyers, while groups farther afield try to flank them. On the Atrium floor, some decrypted dwagons are milling about.[edit]

Anne: Emily!

Charlotte: C'mere, King!

Panel 7

A decrypted Archon gets a lucky shot in at Slately, who moves too late to avoid it. His magic cape took the blast for him and is disintegrating. Ossomer turns in shock to see. Mounted unipegataurs surround Slately, attempting to screen for him.[edit]

Charlotte: And... Gotcha!

Ossomer: Father!


Panel 8

Closeup of Slately and Ossomer, smiling to each other at the luck. Pierce is mounted on a unipegataur in the background, as are other archer. A pair of Orlies fly nearby.[edit]
Slately: Steady, Prince Ossomer. T'is only a garment lost.
Now, according to the Dollamancer, we're to say, "pew" when we shoot.

Panel 9

The inset panel is a closeup of Anne, she's crying in frustration and aiming her right hand. The outside panel has Ossomer and Slately (sans cape) firing their Ray Guns at her, along with every unipegataur mounted Archer. Anne gets a green shot off, but it doesn't seem aimed at anyone on panel.[edit]

Anne: No. No way. You corrupt little –

Ossomer: Pew.

Slately: Pew!

Ossomer: Pew!

Slately: Pew! Pew!

Panel 10

Charlotte is hit in the right leg by an arrow and in the chest by a blast from a Ray Gun, she's falling backwards as she lets off one last shot.[edit]
Charlotte: Keep trying! He's vulnera- augh![2] [edit]

Panel 11

Ground level, upwards shot of a stack of decrypted Archons zooming over the helmets of some Jetstone Infantry. They're flying low and heading for the massed Jetstone flyers. One gestures ahead and orders them forward.[edit]
Archon: Look, just close!
Everybody just hit the leadership!
Above, below... Get in there!

Panel 12

Lloyd is mounted on a unipegataur and muttering worriedly. He waves his Copyright Staff up and down agitatedly. A mounted archer turns to look at him.[edit]
Lloyd: Not good, not good.


  1. ^Bronte Sisters  Emily, Anne and Charlotte were the names of the Bronte sisters, authors from the mid-1800s. More information can be found here: [3].
  2. ^Order of deaths  The archons died in the same order as the original Bronte sisters, with Emily first (1848, panel 6), followed by Anne (1849, panel 9), and Charlotte holding out the longest (1855, panel 10)