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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

A full face view of Ossomer rallying the troops, many of which are riding unipegataurs.[edit]
Ossomer: Orlies get up and below!
Watch for veils and blind-siding as we descend.

Panel 2

King Slately and Ossomer's discuss their battle plans as their flight group prepares to battle the archons.[edit]

King Slately: Well led, Prince of Jetstone.

Ossomer: Sire, we will screen your way to ground. But we must hurry.

King Slately: No, I'll not retreat now.

Panel 3

A full-on head view of King Slately with fearsome battle paint signifying his resolve to take the fight against Gobwin Knob.[edit]
King Slately: We sh'll fight them.
Lead on, son.

Panel 4

A full view head shot of Ossomer equally resolute, as he declares his desire to protect his father, King Slately.[edit]
Ossomer: I will lead you to safety, Highness.
Nowhere else.

Panel 5

King_Slately disagrees with his son, as the unipegataur and Dittomancer look on.[edit]

Slately: Nay.
We fight.

Ossomer: What, here? Now?

Panel 6

A view over Ace Hardware's shoulder showing Ossomer and King Slately discussing plans, and showing the Dollamancer riding a unipegataur.[edit]

Ossomer: You would risk the entire Kingdom?

Slately: I would save my Kingdom!

Ossomer: Then preserve yourself! We have barest seconds...

Panel 7

Closeup of Slately's painted face with a fierce scowl. Behind him there's an Orly, an Archer on a Unipegataur, and Lloyd is on another nearby, looking worried.[edit]
Slately: And I have knowledge you lack!
We must destroy, and especially capture these units. There is a bounty on them which is great enough to save the side.

Panel 8

King Slately and Ossomer argue as they float in the air above Jetstone.[edit]
Slately: Great enough to put all my mistakes to right, if I am but King enough to stand now and fight as a King ought!
Would you deny me? Would you defy my orders?
You have worn the enemy's colors this day. Tell me, son of Jetstone, do you not also bear something for which you must atone? An honor you must reclaim?

Panel 9

Closeup of Ansom's face, downcast and looking conflicted. An infantryman is mounted on a Unipegataur behind him, and an Orly is nearby. Two tiny glowing red dots show Archon's flying below them over the city.[edit]
Ossomer: I... Yes.
Of course I do, Sire.

Panel 10

Ossomer is on his flying carpet talking to a flying Slately. They're stacked with Ace, Lloyd, and an infantryman all riding Unipegataurs. There are five other mounted infantrymen flying nearby. There are six decrypted archons flying far off, and an orly a little away.[edit]
Ossomer: Of course. Very well. Combat orders, then... Knight Riders! Engage the same target as your Unipegataurs, and watch for dismount attacks!
Archers! Target any snipers outside the stacks we engage!

Panel 11

Ossomer turns his head slightly towards Ace Hardware, who's mounted on a Unipegataur and wielding a large crossbow. Two other mounted infantrymen and an Orly fly nearby.[edit]

Ossomer: Casters, heed!

Ace: Heedin'.

Ossomer: This enemy is magical...
So... Employ your disciplines on your own initiative.

Ace: Flip, yeah.

Panel 12

Closeup of Ossomer's face as he smiles victoriously. An infantryman mounted on a Unipegataur and an orly fly nearby.[edit]
Ossomer: Here they come.
Once more, for Jetstone.