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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
Previous LIAB 72 Next LIAB Text 54 [edit]

Panel 1

Jack's head is floating in Spacerock's portal, he's got a big smile as he talks to Parson. Tisha has a big smile and is arching an eyebrow at Jack's stunt. Isaac and Phillip are standing at either side of Parson.[edit]

Parson: Jack, what are you doing?

Jack: Oh, that'll be evident in just a few mo–

Panel 2

The portal around Jack gives a sound CAPUT and starts to disappear, much as text on a blackboard disappears as someone uses erasers to wipe it out.[edit]
SFX: CAPUT [edit]

Panel 3

Full head focus on Parson as he cries out in dismay of what is happening to Jack Snipe[edit]
Parson: Jack! [edit]

Panel 4

As the portal closes like an elevator guillotine, Jack's decapitated head (still wearing his bow tie) bounces across the grass, in front of Parson and the other casters at the Magic Kingdom. Various other casters in the panel include the robed figures from Magicka, Isaac, Tisha, Roger Victor Clarence, etc.[edit]

Isaac: Look out...

Parson: Holy shit!

Panel 5

Jack and Wanda dispel a veil and appear just behind Parson; Jack is abashedly smiling and holding his arms out, Wanda is impassive and gazing at Marie. Parson is turning to hear Jack. Pamelor, Jintao, Janis, and Sizemore are all surprised. Marie has turned to see them, though her back is turned she doesn't seem surprised.[edit]
Jack: Tut, Good Lord! Don't yell your fool head off.
T'wasn't that impressive.
But it was the last of my juice.
How'd we do?

Panel 6

Marie surprises Wanda with a warm hug, Wanda's arms are wide open. Janis puts a hand to her chest and sighs in relief. Jack and Parson share a smile.[edit]

Parson: How'd you do?
You scared the crap out of me!

Jack: Excellent!

Marie: Wanda!

Panel 7

Jack walks out of the tunnel, putting a friendly arm on Sizemore's shoulders, who's relieved. Marie has a hand on Wanda's shoulder; Wanda looks emotional at the reunion. Jintao is frowning, and one the blonde member of the Three Weird Sister Predictamancers smiles at Jintao. Janis stands near Parson.[edit]

Jack: Sizemore, there's a new unit to be made in the Chief Warlord's trousers.

Wanda: I didn't expect you.

Marie: He's glorious, Wanda.

Panel 8

Parson smiles at Jack as he talks. Janis and Pamelor are both frowning in the background.[edit]

Parson: Look. I'm glad to see you, but I didn't order you guys here.

Jack: Feared it was the only side of the portal to meet you on.
... if we were ever to meet at all.

Panel 9

Shot from above and to the right of Parson as he looks down at Jack, who's standing in front of the tunnel. Jack looks concerned.[edit]

Parson: Really? Why?

Jack: Because the King is in his tower.
And the tower's coming down.

Panel 10

Shot from below Jack looking up at Parson. Jack is bowing respectfully at Parson, looking thoroughly abashed. Parson seems disappointed.[edit]

Parson: What we're attacking the tower? I didn't order that, either.

Jack: Some Fool thought it wise at the time, my Good Lord.
He hopes you won't... er, bite his head off.

Panel 11

Isaac addresses Parson, who turns with an annoyed expression. Roger and Jintao look impassive at either side of Parson.[edit]

Isaac: Warlord...

Parson: Shut up, arright?
Talk to you in a second.

Panel 12

In the Magic Kingdom's Portal Park, Parson expresses his confusion whilst stategizing with Janis, Jack, Wanda, Sizemore and Marie.[edit]
Parson: Thissis... not good.
Wanda, If you're here, the Decrypted don't have your bonus, right?
And who's in charge there now? Sylvia?
What is this gonna do to our situation in the city, Wanda?

Panel 13

Back in Spacerock, Ossomer is shown once again in Jetstone livery, with an expression of determination, with an overlay of Wanda looking shocked and dismayed.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 14

In Spacerock, the tower falls. Prince Ossomer is seen on the carpet in Jetstone livery as King Slately and the unipegataurs take off from the falling tower. Ace Hardware is shown reaching back and down towards Cubbins who remains on the Tower, saluting.[edit]
Parson (voice only): "... Wanda?" [edit]