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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Inside the tunnel under Portal Park, Parson shows the readout on his Mathamancy Bracer to Marie, Janis, and Sizemore.[edit]

Parson: No, look...

See, we wouldn't have the numbers to screen me within a straight-out engagement.

Marie: I know.

Panel 2

Looking up the stairs of the tunnel in Portal Park toward the Spacerock portal. Marie and Parson are in the foreground. Roger Victor Clarence is visible at the top of the stairs.[edit]

Parson: And that's if they stay in one stack.
But they don't have to. They could split. N'they're like archers; they'd be able to take shots at me any time.

Marie: I know, keep figuring.

Panel 3

Parson's point of view, looking at Marie. She points to his Mathamancy bracer which is visible in the foreground. Janis looks at Marie as Sizemore stares at the ground in thought.[edit]
Marie: Get a good feeling for the possibilities.
Those odds are only the stot.

Panel 4

As Marie and Parson are talking in the tunnel created by Sizemore, Parson continues to calculate using his Mathamancy Bracer.

Marie has a look of distress upon her face.

Parson: The start of what?

Marie: Ohhh. A big mess.

I told you this would not be easy.

Panel 5

A smiling man with a thin beard and moustache in black coat and top hat, holding a groundhog, in front of a portal of Portal Park.[1][edit]

Marie: "But a big impoatant mess...

You'll have more to figyah soon.

Help is coming."

Parson: "That's news."

Panel 6

Marie smiles up at Parson, both standing at the base of the stairs leading up to the exit of the tunnel in Portal Park.[edit]

Parson: What kind of help?

Marie: What kind do you expect?

Panel 7

Portal Park: A wizened woman in a purple cape over a black robe, leaning on a cane, and a taller man in black cape with red lining over a black robe and wearing a red turban with flamboyant white feather[2] smile back at the top hatted man with groundhog, who approaches them, smiling, with arm raised in greeting. A tall grey pointed pillar and a purple glowing portal are in the background.[edit]

Marie: "What kind of castah would know that trouble was coming here?

You think I'm the only one on the island?"

Panel 8

Four more casters in Portal Park: a dark brown haired sullen man in angular glasses, light brown suit, and red tie is followed by three smiling women in matching blue and white robes, with yellow, black, and white long hair.[3] They are walking in front of a swirling yellow portal.[edit]

Marie: "And What kind can help you with those odds...

By telling what the enemy will do?"

Panel 9

The three casters in the tunnel under Portal Park. Marie is smiling confidently, while Janis and Sizemore are more worried.[edit]

Marie: The Thinkamansahs won't break their stack, Wahload.
They don't believe we represent a threat.

They don't even believe we'd attack them at all!

Panel 10

In the tunnel under the earth, Janis exclaims passionately, while Sizemore just looks worried.[edit]
Janis: Because we wouldn't! [edit]

Panel 11

Marie looks at Janis sternly, while Parson observes her with a neutral expression. Sizemore looks on with a concerned expression.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 12

In the tunnel in Portal Park. Parson looks at his Mathamancy bracer. Sizemore's eyes are cast down. Marie has a slight smile as Janis worriedly looks at her.[edit]

Parson: That helps a lot, actually. Thanks, Marie.

Marie: Only the stot.

Janis: Would we?


Will we?


  • ^  This appears to be a reference to the Punxsutawney Phil Inner Circle, a select group who take care of the iconic groundhog of Groundhog Day, who is supposed to be able to predict when winter weather will end. Members of the Inner Circle are recognizable by their top hats and tuxedos.
  • ^  Carniac, a reference to Carnac the Magnificent, a persona of Johnny Carson, who has the ability to "predict" the answers to questions before reading them.
  • ^  The three casters look identical to the three Weird Sisters from an animated show Gargoyles.