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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Jack Snipe emerges from the blue glowing Spacerock portal bearing his eight-ball staff. Wanda and Antium face him. Two decrypted soldiers line the wall in the background.[edit]

Jack: Tricky, tangled, testy, tense, and liable to end in violence.

But that is his present hold-up.

Wanda: I see.

Panel 2

Head view of Antium, voicing an appeal to the casters.[edit]

Antium: But we do not need him!

We need only eliminate every unit in the Garrison, and the city will fall to us.

Panel 3

Spacerock portal room. Antium argues with Wanda, who pays only the slightest attention to him, being engaged in shrinking her Eyebook down from tome to portable size. Jack Snipe is observing from the foreground, toying with his eightball staff, and decrypted soldiers stand along the walls.[edit]

Antium: We should go forth now, mop up the dungeon and the inner walls, and be ready to scour the rubble for barbarian stragglers once the tower is down.

Wanda: No.

Be still.

Antium: Duty compels me, Mistress!

Panel 4

Antium continues to address Wanda who now looks at him as Jack Snipe continues to observe.[edit]

Antium: I'm sorry, but I must understand.

If it is our Fate to win no matter what choices we make, then why could we not fight right now?

Jack: Captain.

I have known this woman for a very long time.

Panel 5

Head view of Jack Snipe, standing in front of the glowing Spacerock portal.[edit]

Jack: But you are new to the dreams of her philosophy, aren't you?

Why don't you ask her how Fate really works?

Panel 6

Antium addresses Wanda with his head slightly bowed. A decrypted soldier is in the background.[edit]

Antium: Mistress?

Wanda: Fate is inevitable, Warlord. But our path to it is not.

We must first divine, and then enact our destinies.

To live is to suffer. Our Fate is our only release.

Panel 7

In the Spacerock portal room, looking over Antium's shoulder to a head view of Wanda. A decrypted soldier is in the background.[edit]

Wanda: So if we fight against Fate, or fail to act in support of it when the way is clear, then we only worsen and prolong our misery.

Our choices do matter.

Wise choices ease the way, and foolish ones cause suffering.

Panel 8

Antium stands between Jack Snipe and Wanda in the Spacerock portal room. There is a full length formal portrait on the wall in the background.[edit]

Jack Snipe: In other words don't be a Fool. It hurts.

Wanda: As it should.

Antium: I see.

... and Lord Parson...

Panel 9

A view looking down into the tunnel in Portal Park at Parson, Sizemore, Marie and Janis.[edit]
Wanda: Lord Parson is Fate's special instrument. Proceeding without him would be a mistake. It would only make the way much harder. [edit]

Panel 10

Close up head shot of Jack and Antium. Two decrypted soldiers are visible in the background.[edit]

Jack: Curious, isn't it, Captain?

How even a Fatalist must acknowledge cause and effect?

Panel 11

Jack, holding his 8-ball staff, stands before the glowing Spacerock portal, addressing Antium. A decrypted soldier is in the background.[edit]

Jack: But supposing you don't care to stack with that… conceptual crap golem your mistress has constructed, consider this:

Cause: If we took the city now, it would no longer be a capital.

This portal would close.

Panel 12

Close up head shot of Jack addressing Antium in front of the Spacerock portal.[edit]

Jack: Effect: Our Chief Warlord would be trapped in the Magic Kingdom.

Antium: Yes, but that will happen at any moment anyway.

As soon as the tower falls.

Panel 13

In the tunnel beneath Portal Park, Parson is wearing his 3D Glasses. Marie stands behind him.[edit]

Jack: "... I... You know, I did wonder why collapsing the tower was not in his original battle plan."

Antium: "So does it hurt, Fool?"

Jack: "Yes.
Yes, as I suppose it should."