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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 10
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Panel 1

Ranks of Jetstone infantry stare up at the flash mob, their expressions a mix of curious interest, excited glee, and shocked offense. A grey-haired warlord in a golden breastplate and maroon cape places a hand on a bald dittomancer [1], who leers up and points. The warlord seems annoyed with the elderly caster, who wears maroon robes over a white shirt with a ruffled collar, and carries a staff that bears a © symbol[2]. He has pink skin and a hooked nose, and thick yellow spectacles. The troops in the stack have silver breastplates with gold trim, helmets, and leggings.[edit]

Lloyd: Oh, double your pleasure, double your fun.[3]

That's a winning pair if I've ever seen one.

Jetstone Warlord: Hey!

Snap to, Dittomancer!

Panel 2

The warlord continues to chastise the dittomancer who waves him off nonchalantly. The troops behind them are scandalized, shocked, and delighted. We see that the dittomancer has a mole or liver spot on his right temple.[edit]

Jetstone Warlord: Flash means they're attacking. Keep alert!

They may try for one of the Caster stacks first.

Lloyd: Yeah yeah, I know, I know.[4]

Panel 3

Looking over the warlord's shoulder, we see the ranks of infantry, the Expository Bridge, river, and hills beyond. The flash mob is setting off 4 flashes of intense white light. As if from nowhere, through the hex boundary appear two blue dwagons, a pink dwagon, a magic carpet and an archon.[edit]

Jetstone Warlord: That's them!


Panel 4

Beyond the river, on the Gobwin Knob side, the hills roll toward the horizon, dotted and, further on, blanketed by forest. High above them, a strike force appears as if from nowhere through the hex boundary: Ansom on his magic carpet, Jack Snipe, Wanda Firebaugh, and Lady Sylvia Lazarus on their dwagons, and several archons, two bearing a net. Behind and below them, the flash mob continues to dazzle their opponents.[edit]
(There is no text in this panel.) [edit]

Panel 5

Looking angry, Prince Ossomer points to the sky and shouts orders. The warlords surrounding him, wearing gold breastplates and maroon capes, look to the sky in shock and dismay.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Archers!


Engage that stack at will!

Panel 6

Ossomer and the warlords look back at the strike force that has passed overhead on its way to the casters in the rear. Steely-eyed, Tramennis looks the opposite way, in the direction of the bridge, the flash mob, and the balance of the Gobwin Knob forces.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: They're descending.

Heading for the casters!

Prince Tramennis: Oh, no.

That's too straightforward.

They've got that Foolamancer, recall.

Panel 7

Ossomer turns to look at Tramennis, palms skyward. A few warlords turn to look as well, looking a little shocked.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: What?

Prince Tramennis: The flash.

Trick of some kind.

Stand ready!

Prince Ossomer: No, it's--

Panel 8

Ossomer, Tramennis, and their stack are bathed in an electric blue as the real strike force, invisible, hovers just above them, and four archons shoot the Jetstone stack with blue beams and the two blue Dwagons (the leftmost two) use their lightning breath weapon. Ossomer holds his hands out in claw-grip; Tramennis shields himself with his arms; and the warlords cry out, fall to their knees, and convulse.[edit]
Sound: Shock Treatment. [5] [edit]

Panel 9

Back in the Dittomancer's stack, the illusory strike force hovers overhead while arrows pass harmlessly through. One soldier swings his sword wildly through a blue dwagon that's not really there (still with its mouth open from its use of its breath weapon in the last panel); the dittomancer calls out.[edit]

Jetstone Warlord: Engage! What are you doing!

Jetstone Soldier: There's nothing to engage!

Lloyd: It''s Foolamancy.


Panel 10

Their entire stack lying on the ground unconscious, Ossomer and Tramennis are left standing alone. Ossomer begins to draw his sabre; Tramennis already has his rapier out and is ready for action, legs wide apart and hands up. Above them dangle the invisible arm of a dwagon and Ansoms' carpet.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Do you ever tire of being right, Tramennis?

Prince Tramennis: Mm. It's been less of a treat lately, I'll admit.


  1. ^  The Dittomancer resembles the 'Deadly Duplicator' from the "Birdman and the Galaxy Trio" cartoon.
  2. ^  The Dittomancer's staff bears the copyright device, which may be another play on "copying," or duplicating, doubling, ditto-ing... etc.
  3. ^  The line is an advertising tag phrase for Wrigley's Doublemint gum. The ads often feature twins.
  4. ^  The Dittomancer repeatedly speaks using the same word or phrase twice, yet another reference to doubling.
  5. ^  "Shock Treatment" was the semi-sequel to "Rocky Horror Picture Show", thus fitting with Wanda's Magenta-style outfit (as cited in the annotations to Book 2, Page 4)
  6. ^  The Dittomancer again says the same thing twice.