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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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In the foreground, Wanda's pink dwagon is in profile as Wanda, her face serene, leans over to speak to an archon with light brown hair in dance-fighting raiment. The Arkenpliers are clearly visible at Wanda's hip. Behind her, Ansom on his carpet and Jack on his blue dwagon are flying side-by side. Ansom's facial expression is not clear but seems bewildered, and Jack is turned slightly to look at him. In the background are several grey-brown archon and dwagon forms, and one of the dwagons is clearly mounted.


Ansom: Ossomer's.

Wanda Firebaugh: Form a flash mob[1] over the bridge.

Archon: Oooh!

Yes, Mistress.

  1. ^  A flash mob is a group (generally composed of strangers, organized by a small group or individual) who meet at a prearranged place and time and enact an unusal behavior long enough to attract the attention of and/or confuse passersby, then disperse.