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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 69.jpg
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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Bird's eye view of Spacerock: gray house roofs, white house walls, a green park with a blue pond, and the white city wall in the background. The top of the Tower of Jenga is in the foreground, and shaking. The tiny red speck of Ossomer hovers in front of the tower.[edit]
Sound: BOOM [edit]

Panel 2

Cubbins extends his hands to King Slately, who looks back towards him. In the background, a Jetstone soldier looks up in worry. There are visible cracks in the tower walls in the background, and a falling piece of plaster.[edit]

Cubbins: Sire, I can help too. Hand me your crown.

Sound (partly visible, in background): B[OOM]

Panel 3

King Slately hands his crown to Cubbins who studies it. Meanwhile, the King addresses Pierce, standing beside with his everpresent martini. In the background, the Jetstone soldier continues looking up at the ceiling, and three Unipegataurs look down at the King in worry.[edit]

Slately: Pierce! Take Elliott and get all top units inside.

Mount them on the Unipegataurs.

Save three for us.

Sound (in the background): [BO]OM

Panel 4

Pierce, still holding his martini, stalks off. Lloyd indicates several of the many yellow-helmeted Jetstone soldiers in the background with his staff. The bare-headed Slately converses with Cubbins and Ace Hardware, who is wearing a huge crossbow on his back.[edit]

Pierce: Yeah.


Lloyd: You!



Go, go!

Doubletime it!

Slately: Hurry, Dollamancer.

Ace: Okay, your weapon's ready.

Gimme your robe now.

Sound (in background): BOOM

Panel 5

The top of the Tower of Jenga, silhouetted on blue skies and a grassy field.

The Jetstone radish, outlined in gold, is under the topmost roof.
Sound (in foreground): THREE QUIET[1] [edit]

Panel 6

Ace and Cubbins continue to enchant King Slately's raiment; it sparkles with golden light in their hands.

The King himself, some Jetstone soldiers, and some Unipegataurs look around the tower in surprise.

Ace: I'm thinkin' just defense for these, Cubbins.

Cubbins: Yeah, me too.

Slately: Have they ceased?

Panel 7

King Slately walks forward resolutely in front of the Jetstone soldiers, as Ace continues to work on his enchanting, not noticing. Cubbins notices while charming the King's crown, and holds a hand out in warning.[edit]

Ace: I'm just doin' blasts. You cover the tricky-fooly stuff, okay?

Cubbins: Okay, Ace...
Caution, Highness!

Slately: Caution won't save me.

Panel 8

King Slately stands on the cracked tower balcony in front of dozens of Jetstone archers, at a section of missing rail, and converses with Ossomer, hovering on a rolled carpet. Both look down at the courtyard below.[edit]

King Slately: What is happening?

Ossomer: The Countess Artemis led a charge to halt the siege.

Panel 9

A battle in the Spacerock atrium. Purple, green, and red dwagons are fighting Jetstone troops in yellow and white armor and raspberry colored cloaks. Countess Artemis, wielding her bow, is in the foreground, facing away.[edit]

Slately (off panel): "Did she."

Ossomer (off panel): "She did.

And then she fell."

Panel 10

The Spacerock atrium. The body of Countess Artemis, still holding her bow, lies in the foreground.

A red, a purple, and a green dwagon, mounted by decrypted Gobwin Knob riders, are eating the bodies of Jetstone soldiers in the background. All three dwagons do not have solid colored bodies, but rather, have black triangular tiger stripes.

Ossomer (off panel): "It was...

It was a powerful act of valor.

A very deep and Noble sacrifice."

Panel 11

Head and shoulders view of King Slately speaking angrily.[edit]
Slately: Pah. What would you know of such things now, enemy puppet? [edit]

Panel 12

Ossomer, clearly anguished, addresses Slately in the foreground.[edit]

Ossomer: I do!

I still know.

Panel 13

The Tower of Jenga shakes again.[edit]
Sound: BOOM [edit]


  1. ^  "Three quiet" is explained as "one more than too quiet" in an episode of the cartoon series "Codename: Kids Next Door".[2]