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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Wanda is speaking to Jack, who has his fingers pressed to his temples, attempting to contact a thinkamancer.

The interior wall in the background has a tapestry depicting Holly Shortcake and the Jetstone radish emblem on a column.

Wanda: No luck?

Jack: Mnn.

Feels like she's on another call.

Panel 2

Bird's eye view of Wanda, Jack, and Antium, in front of five decrypted troops.

All are glowing in the blue light from the Spacerock portal.

Wanda: Lord Parson has had more than adequate time to make the run, though.

Jack: Indeed. Even on his legs.

Antium: Forgive me, Mistress.

But who is "Lord Parson?"

Panel 3

Head and shoulders view of Wanda and Jack in front of three decrypted soldiers. The Holly Shortcake tapestry is in the background.[edit]

Wanda: Parson Gotti, Lord Hamster. Your Chief Warlord.

Jack: You lucky tool.

Wanda: He has the ability to cross through the Magic Kingdom.

Panel 4

Wanda, Jack, and Antium are outlined in front of the glowing blue Spacerock portal. Jack holds his eight-ball staff, and Wanda considers an eyebook.

Two decrypted soldiers stand to the sides of the portal.

Jack: Among other adroit tricks.

But he is late in arriving to host this social event.

Wanda: Would an eyebook message distract him, do you think?

Antium: I see.

Panel 5

Head and shoulders view of Antium, limned by a blue glow. Another decrypted soldier is visible in the background.[edit]

Jack (out of frame): Possibly so. If he's in combat... or on the other end of that call.

Antium: *ahem*

Lord Parson is only Level 2, is he not?

Panel 6

Antium's helmeted head in profile against the glowing blue Spacerock portal. The dark blue portal frame is decorated with golden curlicues and the Jetstone radish.[edit]
Antium: Perhaps if it were Ansom, I could understand waiting... [edit]

Panel 7

Wanda looks down at her eyebook, while Jack casts her a side glance.[edit]

Jack: Ansom. Yes, pity we lost him.

Don't you think?

Wanda: Disband yourself.

Panel 8

Antium stands with arms spread. Behind him, seven decrypted soldiers stand along the walls, under a tapestry of an unknown woman in brown.[edit]
Antium: I only mean, is so modest a bonus worth withholding from the fight for this long? [edit]

Panel 9

Wanda continues looking down into her eyebook. Jack holds his staff and smiles openly at Antium, who looks back at the casters. The blue portal and two decrypted soldiers are in the background.[edit]

Wanda: Yes.

Jack: Yes.

It is worth waiting for the Good Lord Hamster.

Not solely for his Chief Warlord bonus but more because he is a lateral thinker.

Panel 10

Head and shoulders view of Jack Snipe, in boater hat, puffy bow tie, and holding his eight-ball staff, with two decrypted soldiers and the tapestry of Holly Shortcake in the background.[edit]

Antium (out of frame): I don't know what that means.

Jack: Well. It means...

Panel 11

Jack passes between Antium and Wanda towards the glowing blue Spacerock portal. Wanda looks up from her eyebook to watch him.

Five decrypted soldiers and the tapestry of Holly Shortcake are in the background.

Jack: That he looks for solutions outside the obvious parameters.


Something very simple.

Panel 12

In Portal Park, the small blue head and shoulders projection of Maggie faces three of the Great Minds That Think Alike: Tisha in slinky black dress, Isaac in brown jacket, and Roger Victor Clarence in black judicial-style robes. Multicolored swirling portals stand behind them, one purple, one red, and the closest one, presumably to Spacerock, blue.[edit]

Tisha: If he does pass through to an enemy city, it will invite reprisal, Maggie.

Roger Victor Clarence: Is a war in the Magic Kingdom what he wants?

Maggie: I don't know.

But if you hold him there, you are inviting the same result.

Factions will form, for and against him.

For and against you...

Panel 13

Tisha and Isaac are startled by the appearance of Jack Snipe's head through the swirling blue Spacerock portal, between and behind them.[edit]

Jack: Hello. (Musical note)

By any chance have you seen my Chief Warlord?

Panel 14

In Portal Park, seven surprised Thinkamancers face Jack Snipe's head and shoulders poking through the swirling blue Spacerock portal: Jintao; Pamelor; Roger Victor Clarence; Empress Saltina; the small blue head and shoulders image of Maggie; Isaac; and Tisha.[edit]

Jack: Little fellow?

Bit smaller than a palace?

Oh there's our Thinkamancer. I'll just ask her.