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Bird's eye view of the meeting in Portal Park, shows little figures of Parson and various casters. Parson is shown just at the top of the stairs from the tunnel, Sizemore and Janis are behind him, Marie is ahead of him to the left side, while the little glowing blue bust of Maggie floats in front. The thinkamancers surround them: Isaac and Tisha stand between Parson and the glowing blue portal to Jetstone. Roger Victor Clarence, Empress Saltina, Jintao, Pamelor and A.V. Club stand around the group, A.V. Club is looking around. Various other casters, including a Mary Poppins-like caster, a "Team Fortress 2" Spy-like caster, a caster resembling Jade from "Beyond Good and Evil", three Spanish Inquisition sketch-like casters, and the fairy-godmother-like caster, ignore the confrontation as they walk between the differently colored glowing portals in the background. A caster resembling Anima from "Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer" glances towards the confrontation.