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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Maggie, lit by the green glow of the Gobwin Knob portal holds her head, and speaks to someone off frame, furiously.[edit]

Maggie: No! This was not at all the intent of my warning, Isaac!

What sort of distorted Thoughtbubbles have you been thinking?

Panel 2

Parson faces the Thinkamancers in Portal Park. A blue head and shoulders image of Maggie hovers between them. Marie looks on from the side, while Isaac, Roger Victor Clarence, and Tisha are seen from behind.[edit]

Isaac: He's been off-mission for some time, Maggie.

The Great Minds decided that if he ever came back to the Magic Kingdom, we must hold him here. For his own protection, firstly.

Maggie: No. He—

Isaac: But! Also to brief him on certain... critical facts? As you have suggested.

Panel 3

Bird's eye view of the meeting in Portal Park, shows little figures of Parson and various casters.

Parson is shown just at the top of the stairs from the tunnel, Sizemore and Janis are behind him, Marie is ahead of him to the left side, while the little glowing blue bust of Maggie floats in front. The thinkamancers surround them: Isaac and Tisha stand between Parson and the glowing blue portal to Jetstone. Roger Victor Clarence, Empress Saltina, Jintao, Pamelor and A.V. Club stand around the group, A.V. Club is looking around. Various other casters, including a Mary Poppins-like caster, a "Team Fortress 2" Spy-like caster, a caster resembling Jade from "Beyond Good and Evil", three Spanish Inquisition sketch-like casters, and the fairy-godmother-like caster, ignore the confrontation as they walk between the differently colored glowing portals in the background. A caster resembling Anima from "Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer" glances towards the confrontation.

Maggie: That's... grand. But the timing is unacceptable!

Marie: This is his mission, Isaac. Okay! You should move aside.

Isaac: We're starting to attract attention.

Panel 4

Isaac and another, unnamed, Thinkamancer stand before the blue portal to Jetstone. A yellow portal to an unknown side is visible in the background.[edit]

Isaac: Chief, any caster in the park can take a shot at you right now.

But they won't... if you are under our protection.

Roger Victor Clarence: Are you in good hands?[1]

Panel 5

View over Parson's right shoulder, speaking to Maggie (via Thinkamancy link) as Marie, Isaac, and Tisha look on.[edit]

Parson: Look I've got units dying in the field right now.

So I'm not stacking, and I'm not staying. Maggie?

Maggie: Yes, Lord!

I'm sorry, Lord.

Panel 6

Head-on view of Parson with view of several portals in Portal Park in the background.[edit]

Parson: Just talk to them.

Get them out of here.

Panel 7

View from above portal, looking down on Parson, Marie, Sizemore, Janis, as they walk down the stairs into the tunnel dug by Sizemore. An unknown thinkamancer in a fur lined jacket looks on. Parson is carrying his Staff of Suckage.[edit]

Parson: We'll talk about what's going on with you, later.

Just let 'em know that I'm going through that portal one way or another. Soon.

Panel 8

View at the bottom of the stairs within the tunnel, as Marie looks at Parson's Mathamancy brace, which has his ram's head staff balance ond it. Sizemore looks on with interest.[edit]

Marie: What is thot?

Parson: Mathamancy item.

Figuring something out.

Panel 9

View from below, looking up the stairs, out of the tunnel. Marie and Parson look at the Mathamancy bracer and discuss what they see of its calculations/predictions.[edit]

Marie: Odds of roshing the portal?

Yes? And they're bad?

Parson: They're bad, yeah.

There's way too many ways a Thinkamancer can incapacitate me.

Panel 10

Marie, her back to the tunnel wall and with a smug look on her face, reminds Parson to account for all his allies.[edit]
Marie: Figure it with me and Jonnis stocked wit you. [edit]

Panel 11

Camera view over Marie's right shoulder into the full-face view of Parson in deep thought, and possibly with a surprised look on his face. (still in the privacy of the base of the stairs in the tunnel mouth)[edit]
Nothing is said in this panel, but sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. [edit]

Panel 12

Parson, following Marie's suggestion, starts to input information into his Mathamancy bracer. Marie, smugly looks on, as Sizemore is still quietly digesting this turn of events. Janis, perhaps in dismay, reacts to Marie's suggestion.[edit]

Parson: Arright.

Janis: Oh, no.

Panel 13

Still a the foot of the stairs into the tunnel, Marie and Janis start to discuss this, while Janis shakes her head in opposition. Sizemore appears to be surprised in the background.[edit]

Marie: Yes Jonnis.

Janis: I can't stack with him, Marie.

Marie: Yes! Not only can you, you will.

Panel 14

Marie speaks (in the Sizemore's tunnel in the Magic Kingdom), and casts a Predictamancy spell (which affects Janis) as Sizemore looks on in surprise.[edit]
Marie: I so Predict it. [edit]


^  Roger Victor Clarence looks like Judge Clarence Thomas. "Are you in good hands?" is the tag line for a series of commercials for Allstate Insurance.