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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Marie encourages Parson to continue down the tunnel.

Parson hands Jefftichew's magic scroll to Sizemore as Janis looks on.

Marie: Come on now, we should hurry.

This won't be easy.

Parson: Sizemore, what does this spell do?

Panel 2

Sizemore touches the scroll, and with furrowed brow, is only able to recognize the type of scroll rather than a full analysis. Janis inquires to what Jefftichew said was the intent of the scroll.[edit]

Sizemore: It's... Carnymancy, that's all I can tell.

That usually means bad news, though.

Janis: What did he say it would do?

Panel 3

Parson, standing with the scroll in his extended hand, answers Janis' question.[edit]

Parson: Um...

He said it would send me home.

Marie: Home!

Panel 4

Marie, with determination, asks Parson to examine himself and his motivations.[edit]

Marie: You ahh home, Chief Wahload. You know that? Yes. You do.

Ask your heart, it knows.


Say you've found the fust honest Connymancer in the world, and this spell really works, so what?

Panel 5

Marie, looking up at Parson, exhorts him to finish the task ahead of him, whilst reassuring him that he is where he needs to be.[edit]

Marie: You have a home now, and friends.

You want to leave them in trouble?

You have a job to do!

And today, you ahh late for work, ahh you not?

Panel 6

Parson looks pensive in the tunnel under Portal Park dug by Sizemore.[edit]
There is no text in this panel [edit]

Panel 7

Parson, still in the tunnel, continues talking to Marie. Jefftichew's scroll is tucked into Parson's belt.[edit]

Parson: Yeah, I guess so.

Marie: You know so. It's your Duty.

Capital "D."

Panel 8

Parson with the Carnymancy scroll in his right hand, and the Staff of Suckage in his left hand strides boldly down the tunnel. Sizemore, Janis and Marie follow him.[edit]

Parson: Right.

I got places to go, people to kill...

Marie: Thot's the spirit.

Panel 9

An Alyx Vance-like thinkamancer, a Empress Sanaki-like thinkamancer, Isaac, a Morticia Addams-like thinkamancer, a Clarence Thomas-like thinkamancer, a Romulan-like thinkamancer, and a blonde aerobics instructor-style thinkamancer stand around the exit from Sizemore's tunnel, which has a stair up to the Spacerock portal.[edit]
Sound: Ground Up [edit]

Panel 10

View up the stairs from Sizemore's tunnel looking at a group of casters who are standing in front of the portal to Spacerock. Isaac stands in the center of the group, with an Alyx Vance-like Thinkamancer, a Empress Sanaki-like thinkamancer, and a Morticia Addams-like thinkamancer on his right, and a Clarence Thomas-like Thinkamancer, a Romulan-like thinkamancer, and a blonde aerobics instructor-style thinkamancer to his left.[edit]

Isaac: Parson Gotti?

We are friends!

We received word from your Thinkamancer you'd be coming.

Panel 11

The seven thinkamancers face Parson as he emerges from the tunnel exit in front of the Spacerock portal. Others casters stroll by in the background of multicolored portals, obliviously.[edit]

Isaac: The Magic Kingdom is a very dangerous place for you.

So we are placing you under our protection.

Parson: Um...

And Maggie arranged this?

Panel 12

Parson emerges from the tunnel, confronting Isaac who blocks his way to the glowing blue Spacerock portal.

Marie, Janis, and Sizemore follow Parson from the tunnel, while other thinkamancers flank Isaac. Other casters and portals are seen in the background.

Isaac: Yes.

Please ally and stack with us.

And then follow me to the Temple of the Thinkamancers.

Panel 13

The back of Parson's head is visible as he looks down on Isaac who is flanked by two thinkamancers, standing between the portal to Spacerock and Parson. Isaac holds his left hand to his chest as he apologizes to Parson. The thinkamancer that looks like Morticia Addams is demurely holding her left hand in front of her chest.[edit]

Parson: No, that's not the plan. I'm—

Isaac: It's not optional, Chief.

I'm very sorry...

Panel 14

An overhead view of Portal Park showing the assembled groups, various portals and a few casters milling about. Parson, Sizemore, Marie and Janis are in front of the tunnel while Isaac and his thinkamancers stand between them and the portal to spacerock[edit]

Isaac: We'd really rather not do this by force.

Parson: Start over, Mr. Rogers, Maggie did what now?