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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 65.jpg
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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Parson turns toward Sizemore. He is holding Jeftichew's blue scroll.[edit]

Parson: S'goin' on here, Sizemore?

Sizemore: Marie said you were going to be in trouble, so I dug in.

Panel 2

Parson and Sizemore continue their conversation. Marie curtsies as she introduces herself.[edit]

Parson: Marie?

Sizemore: This is Marie.

Marie: Marie Lavraie, Wahload.


At your suvvice.

Panel 3

Parson, Sizemore and Marie continue their conversation. Parson has his back to us, and Janis enters the conversation to the left.[edit]

Parson: Uhm, hi.

Sizemore: And this is my Friend Janis Atlantis.

She's... actually a Grand Abbie Hippiemancer.

Panel 4

Janis, alone on-panel, looks at Parson in wonder.[edit]
Janis: ... [edit]

Panel 5

Cutaway view of tunnel underneath Portal Park. Underground are Parson, Marie, Janis, and Sizemore. Above the ground are six different colored portals, and three magic kingdon casters.

Two of the casters, a man in a grey business suit, and a woman in a pink skirt suit, are looking down at the ground over the tunnel, perhaps at Sizemore's latest tunnel entrance.

Parson: Hello...?

Janis: Forgive me.

It's like ...

Looking at a little loose flame.

When all the world is one great forest hex.

Panel 6

Parson, head and shoulders view. He is wearing his horned cowl cape held by the brooch with the 1-0 symbol. The grass of portal park is visible through the new opening to the tunnel in the background. The air behind him sparkles with golden magical motes.[edit]

Parson: ...Ohhkay.

So... I guess you knew that guy?

What did you just do to him?

Panel 7

Parson and Janis continue their conversation. Maggie is visible in the background near Sizemore, who waves his shovel as he repairs the tunnel wall.[edit]

Janis: Mm? Oh, just basic Flower Power.

Sizemore: He can't engage this turn.

Janis: And yes, I know him.

He's a free Carnymancer. Originally from Unaroyal.

Panel 8

Parson and Maggie converse. The sparkles behind them fade as Sizemore completes his repairs to the tunnel.[edit]

Parson: Unaroyal.

Marie: Yes.

He came here when his Queen ended huh life and huh side.

Rodda then surrendah to your side.

Impressive intimidation!

Panel 9

Marie looks up at Parson while holding her chin in her left hand, she has a pensive expression as she speaks.[edit]

Marie: Doesn't surprise me at all he would try to assassinate you.

I only wondah how he knew you wah coming.

That's hard Predictamancy...

Panel 10

Parson looks down as he talks to Marie, she's facing away from him but turning her gaze to him with a somewhat incredulous expression. Sizemore's shoulder is visible in the foreground, and a broken tunnel beam behind Marie.[edit]

Parson: Okay, but...

He didn't attack me.

Panel 11

Parson holds up the scroll Jeftichew gave him in his right hand while looking ahead and speaking.[edit]

Parson: I don't think.

He just... said he wanted to cast this spell.

Panel 12

Marie grins knowingly as she speaks, while holding out her left hand, palm open and pointing a bit down. A piece of broken wood and the end of a broken tunnel beam are visible.[edit]

Marie: Oh? Really? A Connymancer wants to cast a spell on you.

Maybe grant you a wish? Yes?

And you were going to let him?

Panel 13

Parson moves the scroll Jeftichew gave him and the staff of Suckage close to his chest as he speaks to Marie. She's turned partly facing him, and she tilts her head with a bit of a disappointed look while she speaks, clasping both her hand to her robes over her chest. Janis's arm is visible, and there is a broken beam in the background.[edit]

Parson: Well, I mean I haven't... hadn't decided.

Marie: Tsk.

You wah supposed to be the smot one.

Panel 14

An overhead shot of Parson, Janis and Sizemore as they look at Marie walking away. Marie has her arm raised, palm open in a "follow me" gesture.[edit]

Marie: Hate to see a dumb one.

Okay, come on.