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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Jeftichew faces a now calm Parson, and gestures with his blue scroll.[edit]

Parson: Y'know...

You're actually the second person who's asked me that this morning.

Jeftichew: Aha!

And what did you tell them?

Panel 2

Parson turns away from Jeftichew, and interposes his sword. Jeftichew is still gesturing with his scroll.[edit]

Parson: Yah, um, I don't have time to discuss it, Jojo.

Jeftichew: Good!

Because there is nothing to discuss!

The answer is known.

Panel 3

Jeftichew looks up at Parson, who looks back with more interest, still interposing his sword arm with spiked bracer.[edit]

Jeftichew: You can fight Fate.

And win!

Panel 4

Parson, brows knit but eyes open with realization.[edit]

Parson: Carnymancy.

It's... the magic of rigging the game.

Panel 5

Jeftichew puts a hand to his chest pretending to take exaggerated offence.[edit]

Jeftichew: Here! That's a crude slander on our noble discipline, sir.

Oh, truly you do wound me.

Panel 6

No longer feigning offense, Jeftichew returns to smiling up at Parson, and gesturing with the scroll.[edit]

Jeftichew: But yes.

And I've got some that's made especially for you.

A spell to grant what is surely your fondest wish,

as well as spare you from cruellest Fate!

Panel 7

Jeftichew seen behind Parson's staff and glowing Mathamancy Bracer.[edit]

Jeftichew: Now, I can cast it on you...

But you're blocking.

You'll have to drop the Staff of Suckage.

Panel 8

Parson, expressing doubt, facing Jeftichew in the foreground.[edit]

Parson: This is the card trick?

Jeftichew: This is the trick.

To make a wild card disappear.

Panel 9

Parson narrows his eyes, furrows his brows, and looks down at Jeftichew in the foreground.[edit]

Parson: Okay unless you're talking about invisibility, then no.

Jeftichew: My friend!


Panel 10

Parson still holds Jeftichew off with the point of his sword. The Staff of Suckage is held as a defense.[edit]

Parson: What do you mean by 'disappear'?

Jeftichew: I mean get out of sight, man.

Out of this world!

Panel 11

Jeftichew, still held at sword-point, gestures casually with the blue scroll.[edit]
Jeftichew: I mean get back. [edit]

Panel 12

Parson looks even more skeptical.[edit]
Parson: "Get . . . back", Jojo? [edit]

Panel 13

Jojo gives a toothy grin[edit]

Jeftichew: Yes, indeed.

Get back to where you once belonged.[1]