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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 13
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Panel 1

Jeftichew, foreground, is chasing Parson Gotti through the tunnel. The walls are a gridwork of shoring beams.[edit]

Jeftichew: Hurry, hurry, hurry!

See the world's fastest freak!

The world's freakiest strong man!

See the world's strongest fat man!

Panel 2

Parson turns to look behind him. His spiked bracer glows red, and his eyebook is visible on his hip. Some green grass pokes its way through the tunnel roof overhead.[edit]
There is no text in this panel [edit]

Panel 3

Parson sprints in earnest to escape Jeftichew running behind. They are well through the tunnel - the Gobwin Knob portal is visible in the far background.[edit]

Jeftichew: He's a ton of fun!

See him run!

Panel 4

Full face shot of Jeftichew, sprinting after Parson. He still clutches his blue scroll and grins broadly.[edit]

Jeftichew: Now it's begun, son.

See him run!

Here comes the sun!

Panel 5

Jeftichew has closed the distance to Parson. In response, Parson is gripping his sword, ready to draw.[edit]
Jeftichew: Yes, folks, see him run right into what Fate has spun, and shun the one who could get it alllll undone! Hurry, hurry! [edit]

Panel 6

In front of a background reminiscent of saturnian rings and showing no detail of the tunnel but the floor, Parson draws his sword from his scabbard.[edit]
(no dialog) [edit]

Panel 7

Parson has Jeftichew at sword point. The smile, though now close-lipped, has not left Jeftichew's face.[edit]

Parson: Don't...come any closer than that.

Jeftichew: Yeah man, it's cool.

Panel 8

Parson, in three quarter face. His sword is mostly raised. He is wearing his horned brown cloak, held with a brooch displaying the line in circle standby symbol.[edit]

Parson: Okay...

Whaddya want?

I am not buying any candy to support your marching band.

Panel 9

Head and shoulders view of Jeftichew grinning broadly as he declaims.[edit]

Jeftichew: Oh, he's a joker, he's a wild card.

Better than an Ace, folks. He can beat everything!

He can be anything!

Panel 10

Jefftichew, smiling, speaks to Parson.[edit]
Jefftichew: Well, wild card, I'm a Carnymancer. Jefftichew. But call me Jojo. And what I want? [edit]

Panel 11

Jeftichew spreads his arms, gesturing, as Parson looks at him, frowning, and holding his sword defensively.[edit]

Jeftichew: Is to show you a little card trick, but first!

A question, my friend.

Do you believe in free will?

Panel 12

Parson, puzzled, has one eye open and one half closed as he speaks to Jeftichew in the foreground.[edit]

Parson: Free will?

Jeftichew: Free will!

By the Titans' toe-cheese they told me you were sharp but I had no idea.
Yes, Parson Gotti, Lord of Hamsters, do you believe that Fate is a mighty wind?[1] One that propels us inexorably to our final destination?

Panel 13

A full-face view of Jeftichew, looking "at camera" towards Parson. He is smiling grimly.[edit]

Jeftichew: Or do you believe...

...that the individual can steer the ship of self, to his port of choice, however emphatically the world may try to blow him?


  1. ^  Possibly a reference to A Mighty Wind, a mockumentary about a 60s folk band reunion, by Christopher Guest & Eugene Levy