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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Tramennis gestures with his sword to direct the Jetstone Knights up the stairs, and into the tower. There are a dozen or more of them, most in red cloaks, silver armor with golden trim, though each has their own differences in style. A tapestry depicting a woman holding a sword, wearing silver armor, red cloak, and golden helmet-crown, hangs on a wall in the background.[edit]

Tramennis: Stairs, tower, King, return. Take him even if he protests!

...Especially if he protests.

For Jetstone!

Knights of Jetstone: For Jetstone!

Panel 2

Outside the tower doors, Lady Sylvia Lazarus and two other Gobwin Knob decrypted are mounted on the necks of purple dwagons.[edit]

Knights of Jetstone: For Jetstone!


Sylvia: There's some timing.


Panel 3

Sylvia, on her purple dwagon, points forward with glee. The Spacerock atrium is behind her.[edit]
Sylvia: Inhale! [edit]

Panel 4

Parson, cloaked, wearing spiked gloves, and bearing his ram's head staff emerges from a glowing green portal into Portal Park. Jeftichew, a George Harrison-style caster in Sgt Pepper style orange uniform with gold trim stands behind the portal, facing away, and an old lady caster resembling the Fairy Godmother from Disney's Cinderella in a blue cloak is walking by in the background.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 5

In a panel inset Parson stands in front of the portal, puzzled. Then, in the main panel, the ground gives way, and Parson falls into the hidden tunnel. Four casters making their way between portals turn to stare, including the Fairy Godmother-style caster in blue, and a Hermione Granger-style caster in black.

In another panel inset, Stanley reacts with alarm.

Parson: ...

Um ...

Parson: Whoa.

Sound: PLOTZ

Stanley: Hamster?

Panel 6

The Disney-like Fairy Godmother-style caster in blue caster exclaims and points, while the Hermione-style caster looks surprised, and raises her wand.[edit]

Old lady caster: Warlord!

Right there, See him?

Panel 7

Bird's eye of the Sgt. Pepper style caster standing in front of the glowing green portal, as Parson descends into the tunnel behind it.[edit]

Off panel caster: Hey!

Off panel caster: Hey stop!

Parson: And ...

... cue the Benny Hill music.

Panel 8

The George Harrison/Sgt. Pepper-style caster stands in front of the green portal, smiling enigmaticly.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 9

Tramennis urges his Knights onwards.[edit]

Tramennis: All speed now! Go!

Long haired Knight: For the King!

Panel 10

Sylvia's three Purple dwagons rear back and draw in breath.[edit]
Sound: SNIFFFFFT... [edit]

Panel 11

The dwagons' sonic breath weapon explodes through the doors, sending fragments and Jetstone troops scattering. Tramennis is blown backwards through the air, releasing his sword.[edit]
Sound: SONIC Drive-In[1] [edit]

Panel 12

Several Knights are lying unconscious or croaked in a pile of splinters and weapons, others have purpling facial bruises.

One resolute Knight is braced to defend, while behind him another cradles the unconscious Tramennis, and two others look on with concern.

Horned skullcap Knight: Oh no.

Red haired Knight: Highness?

Resolute Knight: He's down.

Take him and fall back!


  1. ^  A reference to a real-world franchise (and its distinctive logo).