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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

A close-up of Wanda, with Jack partially in the frame, and Ansom approaching the pair on his carpet. Wanda's expression is focused. Also visible are part of the pink dwagon Wanda is riding and the Arkenpliers at her hip. Flying among the clouds in the background are a large number of grey-brown Archon and Dwagon forms.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: You must conserve your remaining juice.

Wanda Firebaugh: What can you do cheaply?

A simple displacement?

Panel 2

A close-up of Jack, with Ansom behind him on the left side of the panel. Both have their heads turned to the left side of the panel. Jack has a somewhat bored expression, while Ansom appears bewildered. Also visible is part of the blue dwagon Jack is riding. Flying among the clouds in the background are a large number of grey-brown Archon and Dwagon forms.[edit]

Jack Snipe: If we use a flash to cover the casting, it ought to do.

Ansom: Why did you restack?

Ansom: I haven't ordered this.

Panel 3

A close-up of Wanda from the left side, with the back of Ansom's head in the lower left of the panel. She has turned to speak to Ansom, and she appears to be slightly surprised and attempting to pacify him. The handles of the Arkenpliers are visible at Wanda's hip. In the background are a few grey-brown Dwagon forms.[edit]

Wanda Firebaugh: We will conduct a one-hex recon sortee. Parson says we need to gather more intelligence.

Ansom: Parson says!

Panel 4

The back of Wanda's pink dwagon takes up most of the left side of the panel, and Ansom on his carpet take up the right side. Only Wanda's head and shoulders are visible in this panel. Her expression shows annoyance, and Ansom's shows stubbornness and a touch of anger. In the background are the gray-brown forms of three dwagons and three archons.[edit]

Ansom: Mistress, we have spoken of this.

Lord Hamster is no son of Jetstone.

Wanda Firebaugh: Stack up.

You will lead.

Wanda Firebaugh: Your bonuses are our only match for Ossomer's.

Panel 5

In the foreground, Wanda's pink dwagon is in profile as Wanda, her face serene, leans over to speak to an archon with light brown hair in dance-fighting raiment. The Arkenpliers are clearly visible at Wanda's hip. Behind her, Ansom on his carpet and Jack on his blue dwagon are flying side-by side. Ansom's facial expression is not clear but seems bewildered, and Jack is turned slightly to look at him. In the background are several grey-brown archon and dwagon forms, and one of the dwagons is clearly mounted.[edit]

Ansom: Ossomer's.

Wanda Firebaugh: Form a flash mob[1] over the bridge.

Archon: Oooh!

Yes, Mistress.

Panel 6

A close view, looking up over Ansom's right shoulder at the underbelly of Wanda's pink dwagon. Neither Wanda nor Ansom have their faces visible, but Ansom's hand is outstretched towards Wanda in a gesture of supplication. The archon from the previous panel is visible flying away underneath Wanda's dwagon, and two others in flight-attendant raiment are hovering near Wanda. Several dwagon and archon forms are visible in the background.[edit]

Ansom: You want to attack a Royal chief warlord, leading a stack of Noble warlords, in a hex full of casters?

We couldn't possibly win!

Wanda Firebaugh: We won't win.

Panel 7

A narrow view from behind and to the right of Ansom, with Jack and his blue dwagon facing Ansom. Ansom has one hand on the reins of his carpet and the other held outward as if making a point, while Jack is speaking with an amused expression on his face. Above and behind Jack, Wanda and her pink dwagon are visible as two archons in flight-attendant raiment hover near her with a net. Several dwagon forms are visible in the background.[edit]

Ansom: Nets? She's not thinking capture!

Jack Snipe: Oh indeed.


Panel 8

A narrow view from behind and to the right of Jack on his blue dwagon, his hand outstretched to the right. He is gesturing towards his illusion of the attack plan, eight pink dots with several blue lines leading to six purple and one blue dot. Behind the illusion is Ansom riding on his carpet with both hands on the reins, examining the plan with a serious expression on his face. In the background are several grey-brown dwagon and archon forms.[edit]

Jack Snipe: See it, O Chief.

We fly in under my misdirection.

The lovelies shock the target stack.

You disarm and disable the target.

They net the fish...and we all fly away laughing.

Panel 9

A close-up of Ansom from his left as he sneers, his hands forward in a riding position. Behind him, Jack has turned his head to the right to look at Ansom, his expression somewhere between a grin and a smirk. A small portion of Jack's blue dwagon is visible, and in the background fly a number of grey-brown archon and dwagon forms.[edit]

Jack Snipe: It's quite a smart little tactic, really.

Ansom: Says the Caster.

How would you know?

Panel 10

A wider view from above, behind, and to the left of Wanda as she rides her pink dwagon. To her left the back of the head of one of the archons carrying the net is visible. Below and in front of them Jack is flying the same direction as they are on his blue dwagon, while Ansom flies up towards Wanda on his carpet. Ansom's face is visible, but his expression is indecipherable. Below, in the background, several dwagons are silhouetted against low green hills.[edit]

Jack Snipe: I was at hand when someone smarter than you invented it.

Wanda Firebaugh: You are free to cast.

Panel 11

A wide view of Expository Bridge from the air, facing the Jetstone side of the bridge. Five archons are hovering and in a horizontal line in the foreground; from left to right, one with red hair and pigtails, one with short black hair, one with darker skin and short brown hair, the one with light brown hair from the fifth panel, and one with long blond hair tied in a ponytail. The leftmost, center, and rightmost archons are in flight-attendant raiment, while the other two are in dance-fighting raiment. Those in flight-attendant raiment appear to be holding their jackets open. In addition, the left-most flight attendant also appears to have the front of her skirt hiked up to the waist.. The left-side archon in dance-fighting raiment is bent over so that her rear is facing the Jetstone army and she has pulled her skirt up. The right-side one is holding her right leg up.[2] At the foot of the bridge on the other side of the river the Jetstone army has formed up into a column. Ossomer and Tramennis are distinguishable at the front of the column, and two Cloth Golems are visible in the column. Pink, radish-shaped tents are visible on the left side of the road. In the far background, partially hidden by the archons, the city of Spacerock is visible.[edit]
Wanda Firebaugh: The enemy can see nothing else in this hex. [edit]


  1. ^  A flash mob is a group (generally composed of strangers, organized by a small group or individual) who meet at a prearranged place and time and enact an unusal behavior long enough to attract the attention of and/or confuse passersby, then disperse.
  2. ^  'Flashing' is the act of pulling aside clothing to reveal one's genitals, breasts, or buttocks.