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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

View through an archway as Prince Tramennis angrily discusses with a captain. Behind them are countless Jetstone troops in yellow armor and red cloaks.[edit]
Tramennis: Well, he can't have a "few minutes," Captain! [edit]

Panel 2

Tramennis in front of the tall archway calls out and beckons.[edit]

Tramennis: In fact, he doesn't have a few minutes, in all likelihood.

Stack of Knights, to me!

Panel 3

Tramennis orders the "stack of Knights". The ten or so knights are dressed in silver armor and skirt, like Tramennis, though each has differing headgear, from none, to a full-face hockey goalie style mask, to a Roman-style brush helmet.[edit]
Tramennis: We're going up to retrieve the King. [edit]

Panel 4

A sketch diagram with top and cutaway side view. In the top view Parson exits the Magic Kingdom portal; in the side view, he breaks through the labeled "Trap Area", and descends stairs to an underground tunnel.[edit]

Maggie: "The staircase begins just in front of the portal, hidden beneath a Dirtamancy trap which will only collapse for a Heavy unit."

Parson: "Which we're pretty sure I am one. Right."

Panel 5

Bird's eye view of Parson and Maggie in front of the glowing green portal.

Parson dwarfs the smaller caster by his side.

Parson: Have Sizemore meet me there to be sure.

Maggie: He cannot, Lord.

Panel 6

Parson turns to Maggie in front of the portal.[edit]

Parson: Oh?

Maggie: Not with any sort of discretion.

Panel 7

Marie, Sizemore, and Janis stand in front of the glowing blue portal from the Magic Kingdom to Spacerock. A Jafar-style caster walks by in the background.[edit]

Maggie: "He has attracted some attention from other casters, and is attempting to divert it from your... maneuver."

Sizemore: I can't say. But you really don't want to get caught in the middle of this, Janis. Please just go?

Panel 8

Parson speaks to Maggie who is concentrating with fingers pressed to her temples.[edit]

Parson: Is there gonna be trouble?

Maggie: He isn't sure...

One moment.

Panel 9

Parson speaking to Maggie portrayed glowing green against a background of at least 8 casters in the Magic Kingdom walking down a path. They are led by Isaac.[edit]

Parson: C'mon. Go?

Or no go, Maggie?

Panel 10

Six of the Magic Kingdom casters, facing away from the viewer. They have reached an archway into the Portal Park, and Isaac has one hand raised to his temple.[edit]

Maggie: Isaac?

Isaac: Yes, your message was received. We will be on the scene, in numbers.

Panel 11

Maggie, looking up and glowing slightly. There is a symbol of an

eye in a yellow triangle on the necklace around her neck.

Maggie: I believe you will be safe, Lord.

I truly do.

Panel 12

Maggie watches Parson step into the glowing green portal, his tattered cloak flaring out behind him.[edit]

Parson: 'K.